Healing trauma with Havening & hypnotherapy

One of the key common denominators that has been recently discovered that causes a trauma or a phobia is the perception of feeling trapped or inescapable stress. In other words perceiving you have no place to get away or hide from what is distressing them. The perception of inescapability does not have to last long […]

‘Acting as if’ with hypnosis

One my favourite strategies for success is to act and feel as if you are already were you desire to be, or you have already become that person you wish to be. This can mean thinking like, talking like, dressing like, feeling like and acting like the person who has already achieved your goal.   […]

The Havening Techniques

The breakthrough Havening Techniques® For decades now pharmaceutical companies have spend billions on developing drugs that influence our brain chemistry to try and help us feel better. These drugs seem to get very mixed results depending on who is taking them and what for. They often temporarily mask the causes of the issues without a […]

Hypnosis & Visualisation

One of my past NLP mentors once said to me ‘Most of your problems are problems of your imagination and most of your solutions are of your imagination ’. Even Albert Einstein said. ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’. So you could say’ most of our problems and solutions are imaginary in nature’ People sometimes […]

Cure insomnia with sleep hypnosis

Advanced Hypnotherapy insomnia sleep hypnosis Anxiety, stress and depression can all affect your ability to get a good night’s restful sleep and trigger insomnia. The stress hormone cortisol diminishes serotonin levels, a neurotransmitter which is needed to induce sleep. Hypnosis & the new breakthrough neuro scientific Havening Techniques can quickly increase your serotonin levels which […]

The secrets to confidence & achievement

From our experience, interpretation and perception of past events we can be left with some disempowering beliefs and emotions that affect our confidence. The fear of failure and not feeling good enough are two of the most prevalent perceptions that hold people back from realising their dreams and fulfilling their potential. Confident people understand that […]

Stop Smoking hypnosis can reprogram your mind

Stop Smoking Hypnosis Why do people smoke? Let’s imagine some children who regularly watch TV . They view various shows, programs and films were they see famous actors and characters appearing glamorous and sophisticated whilst smoking cigarettes.  For instance they may see a macho cowboy, such as Clint Eastwood riding a horse with a cigar […]