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Advanced Hypnotherapy Dublin

During the last decade there have been major advancements and innovations made in the field of technology, from the world wide web to sophisticated hi-tech smart phones. In many ways these innovative developments have made life easier from our how we communicate with each other globally, to how quickly and easily we can access information personally.

In parallel to these technological advancements, there have been some remarkable discoveries made in understanding how our brains operate. These psychological breakthroughs can now help people to more effectively and quickly than ever before treat traumatic experiences, that cause problems such panic attacks, anxiety post traumatic disorders, and phobias ,to name but a few.  Other problems such as emotional eating, quitting smoking and various other unwanted habits and behaviours are also more quickly successfully treatable than ever.

As people are relieved of these problems their quality of life and well being improves, confidence levels increase, and they gain the freedom  to pursue and realise their dreams and goals.

At our Advanced Hypnotherapy Dublin clinics we are experts in using the latest leading edge psychological techniques such as the Havening Techniques & hypnosis to help our clients achieve fast lasing positive results on a range of issues such as:

Anxiety, stress, panic attacks, fears, post-traumatic stress disorder.

Boosting confidence,resiliency & self belief.

Losing weight & keeping it off.

Stop smoking & other unwanted habit & addictions.

Improving performance & results in sports & business

Identifying, setting & achieving goals aligned to your highest values.

As Issac Newton once said ‘when we stand on the shoulders of giants we can see much further’ And that’s what I have been doing over last decade, learning from experienced experts, innovators and pioneers in the fields of neuro-science, psychology and personal development to produce consistently extraordinary life enhancing results for my clients.

Much of what I learned and studied especially in the fields of psychotherapy, psycho-analysis and hypno-analysis I have disregarded, because the results these methods got were either inconsistent, outdated or simply just didn’t work.

I am a very results orientated person and I have keenly observed through much diligent, research, study and practice what are the most successful psychological methods to achieve the best possible outcomes on a wide range of issues.  My aim has always been to find and do what achieves the best results.

At Advanced Hypnotherapy Dublin we offer a free 15 minute consultation to advise our we can help you overcome whatever problems or challenges you maybe facing.

Feel free to call 01 484 7834 or 086 178 6809 to avail of this free consultation.

We look forward to helping you.

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Stephen Travers Psych D. MICHP

Advanced Hypnotherapy Dublin