Ask for what you want in life

I have found that the method of simply asking for what you want to be one of the most fast, easy & effective ways in helping you achieve what you want in your life.

However, I have also observed that a lot of people have some major hang ups about asking for what they want. Reasons being that they can fear rejection (being told no). That they are putting someone out (hassling them). Or that they will come across as being pushy, can be limiting factors that prevent people from asking for what they really want.

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Bestselling author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series Jack Canfield recommends to be always willing to ask for you what you want in life. Canfields perception is if someone says no to you, you have lost nothing any way. But if they say yes, fantastic, you have achieved what you wanted or you have at least gotten closer to attaining your outcome.

Canfield advises to remember to always keep asking. If someone gives you a no you can always ask why and in the process get some valuable feedback or information that be utilised as you move forward.

Even if they do say no you can always ask them again at a later date, as people’s mindsets, attitudes, values, behaviours and circumstances can change.  Sales and marketing statistical research shows it can take up to at least 8 times of contact with a customer before they will buy, or say yes to your product idea or service.

Now I would like you take a few moments and really think about a goal, project or idea that you would love to achieve or come closer to realising by asking someone to help you, or give you what you are looking for.

For example:

Could you ask for a pay rise at work and/or a promotion ?

Could you ask someone out on a date who you like?

Could you ask for what salary you really want at a job interview? 

Could you ask someone for some business advice or help?

Could you ask for a discount, or for a better deal on a product or service you would like to purchase?

What would you like to ask for?

Who could you ask?

When you have gotten some ideas on who to ask and what to ask for, the next step is to take the action and do it. In most cases there will be nothing to lose, and much to gain by simply asking for what you want.

Within our advanced hypnosis confidence program we quickly & effectively help our clients breakthrough any blocks or fears that are stopping them from asking for what they want in life. Being able to ask for what want can completely change your life!

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