Havening Techniques Training Courses

At my Havening Techniques Training you will discover breakthrough mind-body techniques that can free you from anxiety based disorders. Issues such as panic attacks, phobias, depression, stress, post traumatic stress can sometimes be resolved within a single session or even just minutes! Havening can also be used to effectively help lose weight, quit smoking, alcohol […]

Self Havening From Stress to Success

This is Part 2 of my ‘Change Your Life with Havening ‘Interview with Anne Jirsch. Here I teach you a Self Havening technique I call ‘From Stress to Success with Havening’ Read and follow the instructions below so you can use this powerful Self Havenng Technique Plus, you can view the full video interview at […]

The Havening Techniques Interview Part 1

In this two part blog Anne Jirsch the creator of Future Life Progression interviews me on her show called ‘Time Slip’.  I discuss why I am such a huge advocate of the Havening Techniques. In Part 2 which will be the next blog post after this, I teach a technique I developed that you can […]

Stop Smoking Aversion Technique

In our stop smoking advanced hypnotherapy session we use leading psychological techniques such as the Havening Techniques and hypnosis to help you completely stop smoking in one session. In this blog article I would like to share one of these techniques with you. If you change the way you look at things, the things you […]

Havening Technique Stephen Travers, Karl Smith Interview

Stephen Travers Havening Techniques Trainer reveals the neuroscience behind the Havening Technique and what makes it so groundbreaking, rapid and effective in freeing people from anxiety, trauma and stress based issues in this probing interview with Karl Smith from the UK Hypnosis Academy. You can also view this full interview here [Karl Smith] Hello there […]

Stress, anxiety and how to overcome it with the Havening Techniques

In this radio interview Stephen Travers discusses how the Havening Techniques can help you quickly and effectively overcome stress, anxiety, panic attacks, fear and worry. Deborah Walker is the interviewer in Natural Health Radio. [Deborah Walker] Today on food for thought I’m with Stephen Travers. Stephen graduated from The Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy […]