Hypnotherapy for anxiety with Havening

How I use hypnotherapy for anxiety related issues in combination with Havening Techniques® is the main topic I discuss in this Mindyou podcast interview with Brian Barnes. You can listen to full interview below or read the transcript. BB: Hello, and you’re very welcome to Mindyou, where I dive into how different people use different […]

How to do Havening Technique to help relieve anxiety

How to do Havening Technique to help relieve anxiety & stress interview with StephenTravers, Director of UK & International Havening & Susan Drumm, The Enlighened Executive  Show. See the full video interview  & blog below SD:  I’m Susan Drumm, and welcome to the Enlightened Executive, where your personal evolution sparks your leadership evolution. Each episode […]

Havening Technique therapy what is it?

This interview is about how Havening Technique therapy produces highly effective results when treating anxiety based disorders trauma, addictions & creating resilience. It also includes a Havening demo that you can follow along with. This interview is part of The Philosopher of Love show series hosted by Nausheena Mahomed. NM:  Thank you so much for […]

Havening Therapy for Anxiety & Stress

Havening Therapy for reducing anxiety & stress with Stephen Travers, Director of UK & International Havening & John Donnelly from Your Holistic Academy interview.  In this video interview  you will learn how Havening is used  to help gain freedom from anxiety based issues & boost resilience! The interview also includes a Self Havening Demo for reducing anxiety & stress […]

Havening Training in The Netherlands

Havening Training in The Netherlands See this link below to book your place on the Certified Havening Training in The Netherlands & discover these breakthrough mind body techniques! https://hypnosementor.nl/en/certified-havening-techniques/ IO:    Well hello, I’m Ina Oostrom and I’m here with Stephen Travers, he is the Director of U.K. and International Havening, and I’d like you […]

Therapy for Anxiety with Havening Techniques

This is part two of the transcript about therapy for anxiety interview with Carollne Foran for her ‘Owning It: The Anxiety Podcast’ There is link at the end of this page if you would like to listen to the full interview. Havening is your go to Therapy for Anxiety   CF:          […]

Anxiety treatment & the Havening Techniques

Best selling author Caroline Foran interviewed me for her Owning It: The Anxiety Podcast about the most effective methods I use for anxiety treatment. We have transcribed the full interview into a two part blog. This is part one! Part two will be the next blog post, which will follow shortly. In our interview we […]

Havening Techniques Training Courses

At my Havening Techniques Training you will discover breakthrough mind-body techniques that can free you from anxiety based disorders. Issues such as panic attacks, phobias, depression, stress, post traumatic stress can sometimes be resolved within a single session or even just minutes! Havening can also be used to effectively help lose weight, quit smoking, alcohol […]