Deep Trance Identification for Confidence

Deep Trance Identification can improve your confidence & success In my sessions with clients I sometimes use a technique called Deep Trance Identification to help improve someones confidence, master a skill or to strengthen positive traits and behaviours that they would like to develop. With this technique you imagine someone who has certain characteristics, attributes […]

Transpirational Havening

When treating clients I often use a technique called Transpirational Havening developed by the American medical Dr. Ronald A. Ruden. It’s an extraordinary method because it can rapidly and effectively remove any other old negative emotional debris or residue that may be negatively impacting you from years of trauma often within minutes. You can use […]

Iffirmational Havening

My good colleague, friend and Certified Havening Techniques Trainer Tony Burgess developed a technique called Iffirmational Havening. This technique helps people break free from limiting beliefs and opens their imagination up to new possibilities, beliefs,ideas and visions about themselves and their future. Iffirmational Havening is a powerful process to help you break free from self […]

You don’t get what you want, you get what your values are

Human behaviour specialist Doctor John Demartini has observed from over 40 years of research  and experience that your values dictate your destiny and that everyone has a unique set of values as individual as our fingerprints.  Clearly clarifying your values can be one of the most important steps in living a more fulfilling, inspiring and […]

How to take control of your imagination

The Power of Association with your imagination When you associate to a memory or an imaginary future event in your imagination it means being in the picture or movie as if you are experiencing and seeing things through your own eyes, hearing the sounds and feeling the emotions in your body, as if you are […]

Havening the Hypnotic Gastric Band

Your mind can significantly influence your body, your emotions and even how your organs function in it. During recent years many hypnotherapists have started using hypnosis to suggest that people have had a gastric band fitted in them to help them lose weight. Remarkably, this has proved quite successful as it helps people feel satisfied […]

Are you really addicted to smoking?

Questioning smoking addiction From over a decade’s experience of working successfully with smoking clients, I have observed that the belief cigarettes, or nicotine is highly addictive can keep people stuck with the habit. It can act as a disempowering limiting belief. Tobacco companies  actually like the idea that people believe nicotine is highly addictive as […]

Methods on overcoming depression

How do you know if you have depression ? Depressed mood Loss of pleasure or interest in usual activities Disturbance of appetite Feeling more irritable or agitated then usual Loss of energy Feelings of worthlessness and guilt Difficulties in thinking Most doctors and psychologists would agree that if you exhibit five or more of the […]