Hypnotherapy confidence in public speaking

I would like to share with you some details about my hypnotherapy confidence for public speaking and presentations program in this blog post. Because so many people have challenges with it and as it’s such a valuable life skill to have to help you develop personally and professionally. Any form of public speaking such as […]

Totem Havening

Totem Havening Totem Havening is a technique that can help you develop, strengthen and magnify positive character traits, attributes and emotional resiliency by identifying with a living object, animal, creature or even with a physical aspect of nature. The unconscious mind relates well to symbols and metaphors which makes this an easy and highly effective […]

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy & Exercise

One way to fast track you towards positive weight loss results, health and well being is by regularly doing form of physical exercise. I don’t necessarily mean going to a gym, joining aerobic classes or getting a personal trainer, but if you want to those things by all means do as they can be very […]

Quit smoking with Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis

Are you ready to quit smoking? Can you remember your first few cigarettes?  When you were learning to inhale? The many days, weeks or even months it took to learn to do it properly. Do you remember feeling dizzy, sick or even nauseous at those times? If like most people you probably do remember some […]

Deep Trance Identification for Confidence

Deep Trance Identification can improve your confidence & success In my sessions with clients I sometimes use a technique called Deep Trance Identification to help improve someones confidence, master a skill or to strengthen positive traits and behaviours that they would like to develop. With this technique you imagine someone who has certain characteristics, attributes […]

Transpirational Havening

When treating clients I often use a technique called Transpirational Havening developed by the American medical Dr. Ronald A. Ruden. It’s an extraordinary method because it can rapidly and effectively remove any other old negative emotional debris or residue that may be negatively impacting you from years of trauma often within minutes. You can use […]

Iffirmational Havening

My good colleague, friend and Certified Havening Techniques Trainer Tony Burgess developed a technique called Iffirmational Havening. This technique helps people break free from limiting beliefs and opens their imagination up to new possibilities, beliefs,ideas and visions about themselves and their future. Iffirmational Havening is a powerful process to help you break free from self […]

You don’t get what you want, you get what your values are

Human behaviour specialist Doctor John Demartini has observed from over 40 years of research  and experience that your values dictate your destiny and that everyone has a unique set of values as individual as our fingerprints.  Clearly clarifying your values can be one of the most important steps in living a more fulfilling, inspiring and […]