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At Advanced Hypnotherapy Dublin we help people quickly and effectively improve their self esteem and confidence, often within minutes! We use leading edge psychological techniques in our special Confidence Hypnosis program such as, NLP and Havening Techniques to significantly reduce your stress, and boost  your confidence and well being, so you can be at your best in a variety of situations. One of the many techniques that we use with our clients is called ‘Power Posing’ which I will now explain in more detail for you.

Harvard Social Science Scientist Amy Cuddy has done extensive research into how holding certain body positions can easily and quickly produce states of confidence. These powerful poses will help you change your brain chemistry to feel more confident, powerful and act more positively, and all it takes is just 2 minutes!

Confidence Hypnosis

Confidence Hypnosis Program uses Power Posing

Her studies show that our own non verbal body language makes a significant difference in how we think and feel about ourselves, which in turn affects our behaviours and results we achieve in our lives.

We know that body language affects how other people perceive us, but it also changes how we think and feel about ourselves. Cuddy experiments show how “power posing” — standing in a posture of confidence, even when we don’t feel confident, increase’s testosterone, the confidence hormone and decreases cortisol the stress hormone

Cuddy set up the experiments where she asked participants to stay in certain body poses for about 2 minutes. First the participants were asked to have powerless poses by making themselves smaller in closed, weak body posture positions. To contrast this, she then asked the same participants afterwards to adopt ‘power poses’ for 2 minutes, were they stretched their arms above their heads making themselves bigger, like they have just won a race, or to stand tall with their hands on her hips, such as Superman or Wonder Woman.  She then took saliva samples from the participants both before and after the powerless and power poses. What followed next was fascinating.

The results from the saliva sample showed that powerless poses significantly increased the stress hormone called cortisol, and decreased the confidence hormone called testosterone.

The results for the power poses produced the complete opposite results, by significantly decreasing the stress hormone cortisol and increasing the confidence hormone testosterone.

Through repeated experiments on this, Cuddys research found power poses causes an increase of 20% in the testosterone ( the confidence hormone) and  a decrease of 10% in a powerless poses.  Cortisol levels (the stress hormone) decreased by 25% in the power poses and increased by 15% in powerless poses.

In other words, the power poses significantly brought down the participants stress levels and increased their feelings of assertiveness, confidence and optimism all within just 2 minutes.

Cuddy also discovered that power poses created a 26% increase in risk tolerance when the participant were asked to play a game that involved taking a calculated risk and gamble,  in contrast to powerless poses. This also highlighted how power posing affects decision making and behaviour.

Our Confidence Hypnosis Program incorporates Power Posing to great effect!

I personally use power posing regularly before giving a presentation, before an important meeting, or when I just feel like a having a boost of instant confidence.  I find them to be highly effective, whilst at the same time being simple and fast to do. My clients consistently report back to me that they feel significant positive increases in their confidence from using them.

As Cuddy’s concludes from the results of her research ‘Tiny Tweeks can lead to big changes’ And all it takes is just 2 minutes to recondition your mind and body to boost your confidence and wellbeing.

Confidence Hypnosis

Our Confidence Hypnosis helps boosts confidence for business & social situations. 

They are ideal to do just before a job interview, presentation or any type of social situation where you would like to decrease your stress levels and increase your confidence levels almost instantly.

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