Dublin Hypnotherapy can rapidly free you from negative emotions

Apart from anxiety related problems, people can suffer with a wide range of negative reflective emotions that can be difficult to let go of. Reflective emotions occur when we make a judgement or have a perception about the past. This can then cause a uncomfortable emotional state within us such as anger, guilt, shame, grief, regret, resentment, jealousy etc. These emotions can cause a lot of ongoing distress within us if we don’t resolve them. This can cause us to be more susceptible and vulnerable to further traumatization in the future.

Dublin Hypnotherapy

At Dublin hypnotherapy we can help you release negative emotions quickly & effectively!

In western society we are often been programmed to suppress negative thoughts & emotions. We sometimes can hear from well meaning, parents, teachers and even therapists to just get on with it, be positive, put it out of your mind or forget about it. If we try those things, negative emotions can become stronger causing even more distress until we fully acknowledge and resolve them. With suppression its often the case of ‘What you resist persists’

These unresolved negative emotions are often the cause of many dysfunctional addictive behaviours and harmful problems, such as alcohol and drug abuse, smoking, emotional eating, depression, violence, illness and feelings of unworthiness.

Obviously all these issues can prevent you from feeling happy, successful and fulfilling your goals and dreams. Unresolved negative emotions can also cause physiological problems too, such as chronic pain in the body. Until resolved, negative symptoms will generally not reduce or disappear.

The good news is at our Dublin hypnotherapy clinics we can completely free you from even lifelong negative emotions often within minutes, with a breakthrough neuroscientific therapy called the Havening Techniques. We then use hypnotherapy to help you feel more calm, positive, confident & relaxed so you can get on with living a more fulfilling, happier life.

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Stephen Travers Psych D. MICHP

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