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Havening Techniques Dublin 

As I write this blog here in my Havening Techniques Dublin & hypnotherapy clinic I remember really putting myself and these breakthrough techniques to the test by doing a one hour presentation with a live demonstration at the Mind, Body, Spirit Show in Dublin.

I had let a few of my clients and friends know that I was looking for a volunteer to do a Havening demonstration with at the show. So a few days before the presentation a lady called me who had heard from one of my clients that I was looking for someone for the demo.She had a specific traumatic memory and experience that was causing her panic attacks.

On the Saturday early afternoon the day of the presentation the lady and her friend arrived. Understandably she was looking a bit nervous, so I briefed her on what I was going to do and she seemed calmer. Soon afterwards we went up to the presentation room. The room quickly filled up with at about 90 people.

Havening Techniques Dublin

I started with my introduction about the neuroscience behind Havening and how I was going to demonstrate it to show its effectiveness on a severe trauma. So I welcomed my volunteer to come up onto the stage  and asked her to briefly talk about the event that was causing her anxiety. As she began to speak she suddenly started shaking looked very anxious with tears now streaming down her face. She was having the fight or flight response and suddenly fled from the room to the surprise of the audience and even myself.  I explained to the audience that she was having an anxious panic reaction and followed her quickly outside to see how she was. Thankfully she had calmed down a bit and was able to come back into the room to do the demonstration.

I proceeded by asking her to go back to the first time she had this anxious panic reaction and to remember it vividly. Her distress levels on a scale of 10 to 0 quickly went right up to a 9. I then applied the Event Havening technique with her and she dropped right down  from the 9 to a 6 then to a 3 then to a 0 on the scale in under 7 minutes We then did the debrief live on the stage and I asked her to remember the memory and notice the differences. As she did a smile came across her face as she could not get the distressful feeling back anymore, either emotionally or physically. Plus the memory itself was duller, dimmer and further away. I asked her to close her eyes to double check the memory and once again she remained feeling calm and relaxed confirming that the distressful emotions had completely disappeared.

I must admit I was feeling quite relieved myself as what had happened with her fleeing the room I hadn’t quite anticipated. This experience reinforced for me personally how powerful, rapid and extraordinarily effective Havening Techniques really are considering how distressed my volunteer had been and how quickly and easily the Havening Technique I applied cleared it.

I finished off the presentation with a question and answers session with the audience. Some people were amazed, some people were intrigued and some people were sceptical as they just found it challenging to believe such severe anxiety could be removed so quickly. However with the Havenings Techniques it can. Health professionials around the world are embracing the Havening Techniques because of the neuroscientific basis it is founded on and the rapid, remarkable results it produces for people with anxiety based problems such as panic attacks, post-traumatic stress, phobias, depression, social anxiety, stress and chronic pain.

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