Havening Techniques Training Courses

At my Havening Techniques Training you will discover breakthrough mind-body techniques that can free you from anxiety based disorders.

Issues such as panic attacks, phobias, depression, stress, post traumatic stress can sometimes be resolved within a single session or even just minutes!

Havening can also be used to effectively help lose weight, quit smoking, alcohol control and other addictive behaviours.

Plus Havening Techniques can greatly improve your confidence and emotional resiliency..

What are the Havening Techniques?

havening techniques trainingHavening, also known as Amygdala Depotentiation Therapy or Delta Techniques are a psycho-sensory method that use pleasant psychological distractions and relaxing physical touch.

This is known as Havening Touch.

The Havening Touch is specifically applied on the arms, hands and face.

Havening changes your brain chemistry and perceptions in empowering ways without the use of drugs or spending months or years in therapy.

It is called Havening because of the safe calm feelings people experience during and after the process.

Havening Technques are often so powerful and instantaneous, their effects sometimes need to be seen or experienced to be believed.

It is both fascinating and inspiring to witness even long term severe anxiety problems   distressing memories, thoughts and feelings fade away and disappear gently & quickly

havening techniques training

In this my latest blog I will give you a brief summary of the different types of Havening Techniques so you can understand and gain more insights about the benefits of each one.

Then I will further highlight the many specific problems and challenges that you can use Havening for when you attend one my Havening Techniques Training events.

Throughout this blog you will see many 5 star testimonials and reviews about my Havening Techniques Training from various mental health practitioners, therapists and professionals from Ireland, UK, Europe and who have attended from all over the world.

These therapists are now using Havening to produce rapid, lasting and positive life changing results for their clients.


What is Havening?

First of all Havening was developed by medical doctor & Harvard University academic Dr Ronald Ruden and his brother Dr Steven Ruden over a ten year period beginning in 2001.

Havening techniques training
   Dr Steven Ruden & Stephen Travers

Havening is based on the latest neuroscience and information on how anxiety based disorders become encoded in the brain and body.

Havening is a psychosensory approach which means it uses sensory touch and pleasant psychological visualisations and distractions.

Therapists across the world who are trained in Havening are always delightfully astonished & amazed at the remarkable, lasting & extraordinary outcomes that they achieve when they use Havening with their clients 

What is Event Havening?

Event Havening is used mostly when a client presents with a specific distressing or traumatic memory.

These specific traumas are often the cause of most anxiety bases disorders such as panic attacks, phobias, PTSD, confidence issues & a wide range of other uncomfortable emotional & physical symptoms.

This technique can also be successful in helping you overcome addictive behaviours, compulsions and cravings such as alcohol abuse and emotional eating for example.

To sum up Event Havening is incredibly powerful and effective for anxiety based issues.


What is Transpirational Havening ?

Transpirational Havening is a rapid and highly effective technique for releasing and removing pathological emotions such as anger, rage, guilt, shame,  and grief to name but a few.

Years of unresolved negative emotions, suppressed and even repressed memories can often be completely resolved within a single session.

This is often a profoundly healing experience that frees you from the distressing and uncomfortable emotions of the past.


What is Talk Transpirational Havening?

Talk Transpirational Havening is similar to Transpirational Havening.

However instead of the client chanting out the words of the negative emotions they talk about the narrative of the uncomfortable memories as they recall what happened.

Again this rapidly releases and frees the client form the negative emotions or traumas of the past.

I was fortunate to attend Stephen’s 2-day Havening Training in Dublin and it was incredible.

 I’ve done a lot of trainings but very rarely, if ever, have I left so buzzing, ready to put the new learnings into action.

The content was very in-depth, the delivery engaging, the demonstrations mind-blowing and the community super supportive, creating this wonderful safe space for everyone.

Thank you, Stephen it definitely was a game changer!

Ronia Frasier:Transformational & Recovery Coach, NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer and Clinical Hypnotherapist  

What is Outcome Havening?

Outcome Havening is used to change the remembered narrative or outcome of a past distressful or traumatic memory.

This technique can quickly and effectively release the trauma and anxiety based issues that have stemmed from past traumatic experiences e.g. phobias, panic attacks, PTSD.


What is Iffirmational Havening?

Iffirmational Havening is a technique that can help you break free from limiting beliefs and negative thinking to gain more confidence, self- belief and to change unwanted behaviours.

People can get into the unhelpful habit of asking themselves negative “What if” type questions.

For example, ‘What if I fail?’,  What if they don’t like me ?, What if I am not good enough etc

This way of thinking can lead too unnecessary feelings of anxiety, stress, fear and worry.

With Iffirmational Havening we can turn those ‘What if; negatives questions into positive ones.

For the purpose of positively changing perceptions and to explore a richer, brighter future filled with more hope, optimism and possibility..

What is Affirmational Havening?

Affirmational Havening is an easy & effective technique to help develop resiliency & access positive emotions and resourceful states.

This Havening Technique can be regularly self-applied to boost and create feelings of relaxation, confidence, hope and optimism.


What is Totem Havening?

Totem Havening is a creative resiliency visualisation technique to help produce resourceful states, positive attributes & traits by identifying with an inspiring totem or symbol of your choice.


What is Hypno-Havening ?

Hypno -Havening is a new and groundbreaking approach where positive suggestions, ideas & visualisations are given to a client whilst Havening Touch is applied.

Amazing changes in how a client thinks, feels and behaves can occur with Hypno-Havening.

Many Clinical Hypnotherapists around the world now use Havening alongside hypnotherapy because of the fast, lasting and highly effective results it achieve for their clients.

Havening also improves and enhances many hypnotherapy techniques when used in unison which you will discover at my training’s.


What is Role Havening?

Role Havening is an advanced Havening Technique where a Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner takes on the role of a person that the client knows.

The therapist speaks to them in the role of that person to help the client overcome distressful experiences and to sometimes gain new positive insights, understandings and wisdom.


Ongoing Developments & Annual Havening Conferences

There are also new Havening Techniques & approaches being developed from ongoing clinical research, studies and experiential experiences of other Havening Practitioners around the world

At our Annual Havening Conference we reveal and share many of the latest developments and best practices in this ever evolving breakthrough modality.

You can attend the Annual Havening Conference after you have completed the two day Havening Techniques Training.

The next Annual Havening Conference is on June 12th & 13th 2020 in Dublin, Ireland.

There will be presentations from some of the worlds leading experts in Havening and personal development such as Dr Ronald & Steven Ruden, Paul McKenna and myself.

To discover and learn how to use the Havening Techniques you can attend one of my upcoming two day training’s.

My next Havening Techniques Training is in the Netherlands on 7th and 8th March 2020.

Then in Dublin on 25th and 26th April 2020.

And you can book now to secure a place!

During the Havening Techniques Training I do many live demonstrations so you so witness and experience the remarkable and extraordinary results.

After each live demo you then get the opportunity to practise in small groups of three with an experienced Havening Facilitator which includes coaching and feedback from myself.

You will also discover the neuroscience behind why and how Havening works.

And how to quickly pinpoint and identify the root cause  of anxiety based issues and trauma to achieve optimum results.

Afterwards you then get do the home study process to become a Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner.

You will also receive direct guidance, coaching and one to one mentor ship from me during your certification.

And access as a member to our private Facebook Havening Worldwide Community.

Please see https://stravershypnosis.com/certified-havening-training/ for more information for my upcoming Havening Techniques training events.

If you have any questions please feel free to email  info@haveningireland.ie for a free ‘Discovery One to One Call’ with me.

Here is a summary of the benefits of the various types of Havening  Techniques.

In a Havening Techniques training we cover the neuroscience behind Havening.

Then show you how to use the techniques through live demos and interactive practise sessions.

Havening Techniques for Anxiety & Stress related issues.

You will discover how anxiety based disorders become encoded in the brain and body.

And how Havening rapidly de-encodes and removes the emotional, cognitive, autonomic and somatosensory distressful components from them.

Below are an examples of some issues we cover in the training.

  • Event Havening for Panic Attacks
  • Event Havening Phobias
  • Event Havening PTSD
  • Outcome Havening
  • Transpirational Havening
  • Havening to overcome insomnia
  • Removing IBS with Havening
  • Affirmational Havening
  • Havening Chronic Pain


Havening for Weight Loss

Havening can be very effective for weight loss because it addresses and resolves the root cause of many weight problems, such as emotional or comfort eating.

Food cravings and compulsions can be reduced and removed with Havening.

There are specific Havening Techniques to help

  • Overcome emotional eating
  • Remove cravings
  • Achieve your ideal healthy weight


Havening to Overcome Addictions

In the Havening Training you discover the neuro biological reasons behind what causes addictions such as alcohol and drug abuse problems.

Havening Techniques can be successfully used to help free people quickly from addiction by addressing the underlying root causes.


Havening the Fear of Public Speaking

Public speaking is one of the most common fears people have.

Past stressful speaking experiences can cause worries, fears and phobias about public speaking, presentations and interviews.

Havening can remove those uncomfortable emotional and physical feelings to help people feel  calm, confident and at ease to communicate and perform at their best.


Havening for Personal Growth  

Havening is not just effective at resolving anxiety based issues and trauma.

It can also help you gain greater mastery over your emotions to become the best you can be.

You can teach your clients how to use Self Havening Techniques to control stress, prevent future traumatization, improve their confidence and emotional resiliency.

Please see https://stravershypnosis.com/certified-havening-training/ for more information for my upcoming Havening Techniques training events.

And for more testimonials and reviews please see   https://www.facebook.com/pg/stravershypnotherapy/reviews/

If you have any questions please feel free to info@haveningireland.ie for a free ‘Discovery One to Call’ with me.

Stephen Travers, International Havening Techniques Training

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