Havening Training in The Netherlands

Havening Training in The Netherlands

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IO:    Well hello, I’m Ina Oostrom and I’m here with Stephen Travers, he is

the Director of U.K. and International Havening, and I’d like you to

introduce yourself and about what you’re doing . We are here because

an exciting Havening Training in The Netherlands on the 7th

and 8th of March in Oosterhout. But Stephen please introduce yourself

first, what are you doing, what is your job, what are your experiences?

Havening Training in the Netherlandss
                                   Havening Training in The Netherlands


ST:                 Well first of all thank you for having me Ina here in this webinar. Yes as

you mentioned my name’s Stephen Travers, I am the Director of the

U.K. and International Havening organisation, and I also have over 15

years’ experience specialising and helping people with anxiety based

disorders, trauma, and helping people really just to live life with more

confident and freedom. And I’m also an international Havening

techniques trainer, and I’m one of the most experienced Havening

practitioners in the world.


IO:                   Wow that’s great, it sounds interesting already and you haven’t said

                        anything about what the Havening Training in the Netherlands is about.

Why should a therapist learn Havening? Let’s start with that, what is it and what can

you do with it?


ST:                 Well I’d like to begin that with a question, the question being how can it

                        be that we can now resolve most anxiety based issues within minutes

with Havening?  how can that be that we can now do that?

And over the two day training I’m going to run I’m going to show you how we can

quickly and effectively remove anxiety based issues within minutes,

things like panic attacks, phobias, post-traumatic stress, pathological

emotions like unresolved anger, rage, guilt, fear or shame, and how we

can use the Havening techniques to build emotional resilience, states

of confidence, calmness, wellbeing. And to give you a bit of an idea of

what is Havening, it’s a cycle sensory treatment for anxiety based

disorders, it’s a ground-breaking method that uses sensory touch which

makes it quite different than most therapies, where we stroke the arms,

hands and face, and we also use pleasant psychological distractions. It

sounds a bit strange but it’s a neuro scientific procedure, and I explain

all of that in the training. So you really learn how trauma becomes

encoded in the brain, what causes most anxiety based issues, and how

the Havening can rapidly change what’s happening in the brain and

free people from those problems. So that’s just a summary or an

overview of some of the things we cover over the two days.in this first

Havening Training in The Netherlands


IO:                   Yeah what I understand is it’s really founded in science, can you tell us

                        something more about that?


ST:                 So it was developed by my good friends and colleagues Dr Ronald and

                        Steven Ruden. Now they come with very high credentials, Dr Ronald

Ruden is a Harvard University academic, he’s got the largest private

medical practice in New York City and he’s also a neuroscientific

researcher. His twin brother Dr Stephen Ruden is a dental surgeon,

and he’s one of the world’s foremost expert on dental phobias. And it

really all began back in 2001 when the famous hypnotherapist called

Paul McKenna, maybe your audience might know who Paul McKenna

is who actually do hypnosis–


IO:                   Yeah he’s famous from television.


ST:                 Yeah he’s done lots of television work; he has lots of books in the field

                        of hypnotherapy and NLP [Neuro Linguistic Programming]. So Paul

was talking to Dr Ruden back in 2000 about tapping, tapping

techniques and EMDR, and he was really asking Dr Ruden ‘well how

do these techniques work?’ because we knew back then they were

getting very good results but we didn’t know how, there was no

academic literature really on why these treatments were working. So Dr

Ruden went off and did really seven to ten years research, and looked

at why sensory touch changes what’s happening in the brain and how it

actually works to clear anxiety based issues.


IO:                   Wow that’s an amazing achievement to do this kind of research and

then come up with such a special program.


ST:                 Yes, well Havening is really the latest evolution in what we call cycle

sensory therapies. So you’ve got EFT, Emotional Freedom Therapy,

TFT [Thought Field Therapy] originally developed by Dr Roger

Callahan and EMDR, so Havening is sort of the latest evolution in



IO:                   So now it is a two day Havening Training in The Netherlands,

can you tell me what happens during these two days?

What can the students who would like to sign up expect?


ST:                 Well over the two days Havening Training in The Netherlands  I will do

many live demonstrations of all the techniques.

So I bring someone up from the audience and we actually

work on a real issue. So I’ll be bringing people up who have got

anxiety, if someone has a phobia or a distressing memory, or

something that’s stressing them out that they’d like to resolve. So I do

many live demos over the two days, I explain to them the

neuroscience behind Havening, and after each live demo they sit in

groups of three and they actually practice the techniques on each

other. So it’s very practical based training in that perspective, because

after the two days the aim is that the participants will be able to go out

and start using Havening immediately with their clients to start

achieving remarkable results for them.


IO:                   And you also explain the science behind this, I can read that from the

                        beautiful testimonials you have received over the training’s you gave.


ST:                 Yes well I mostly train therapists, like at the moment we have hundreds

                        of Havening practitioners around the world trained, we have medical

doctors, psychotherapists, councillors, hypnotherapists, practitioners

and many other health professionals. And what’s so interesting is

anyone who trains in Havening, all those type of professionals I’ve

mentioned, nearly every single one of them now uses Havening

exclusively or mostly when helping their clients with anxiety based

issues. Why? Because of the results it produces, and that’s why we

have all those testimonials, because the results are quite remarkable,

and sometimes you have to see it to believe it and experience it.


IO:                   So you explained that all kinds of medical professionals, therapists,

                        they don’t need to have specific knowledge to join the training, you

yourself are also a hypnotherapist and you explained to me earlier on

that it’s also a very beautiful combination together with the

hypnotherapy practice.


ST:                 Yes, that’s why Paul McKenna is one of the most famous advocates of

                        Havening. And Havening works very well as an add on or even

combined with hypnotherapy, because it is a nice closed process, and

when we’re using sensory touch we’re producing something called

delta waves in the brain, so the brain’s going into a bit of a sleep state,

delta waves occur in slow wave sleep. And when your brain is in that

delta state, when you layer positive ideas and suggestions in which we

do in hypnosis, we’ve actually discovered from Dr Ruden’s work that

the information and the suggestions consolidate even better when

we’re applying Havening. So people like Paul McKenna and myself

now combine hypnotherapy and Havening together, and it actually

enhances the hypnotherapeutic outcomes for our clients, and I explain

all of this in the training and I teach this as well.


IO:                   So now can you explain how the Havening can benefit the practice that

                        people might already have? I think you already explained a lot about

fast results, a technique you can learn in two days, people are looking

to as well, it’s another investment, but what are your experiences with

this after people have finished the training?


ST:                 Well as I’ve mentioned I train hundreds of people in Havening, and I

                        suppose the main benefits when therapists are using it is it gives them

great confidence first of all when they’re working with their clients with

anxiety based issues and even complex issues. Because Havening is

so consistent in terms of the results it produces, it’s a neuroscientific

procedure, and if you use it the way we teach it it gets very consistent

results. The second part is referrals from your clients as well, when

you’ve got happy clients it helps your business grow and expand. And

what a lot of our Havening practitioners have done, they’ve changed

their business model somewhat and their therapy practice or they’ve

cut back on sessions, because they’re able to get results quicker and

faster and they’ve just simply raised their prices because of the value

they were producing for their clients. I will teach all this at the Havening Training

in The Netherlands and more to provide as much value as possible for the attendees.


IO:                   Yeah you can give people life changing experiences.


ST:                 Yeah like I teach therapists how to do a full session program with

anxiety based issues and for developing resiliency, and the average

price that is being charged sometimes for that is anything from 200

even up to 500 euro per session. It’s a different model, it will change

the way you do things in your business and it’s a win-win for your

clients and yourself as the therapist.


IO:                   And it’s good as therapists to have several tools, so not every client fits

the same approach, so it is very valuable to have this tool in terms of

that it helps, it is founded in science which is the evidence based part,

people are looking more and more towards that part, and happy clients

are happy therapists isn’t it.


ST:                 Yeah, well it’s that simple in many ways and that’s what we all want as

therapists. And Havening is really about the neurobiology of sensory

touch, how it changes what’s happening in the brain and the body. And

there was a study done in Kings College in London by Professor Neil

Greenburg, he’s the head psychiatrist there on Havening, and the

study looked at the impact of a single Havening session on severe

anxiety and depression. Now the people that came into that study were

suffering with post-traumatic stress, panic attacks, there were war

veterans, people who had been raped, horrific car accidents, very

heavy traumas they were working with. The conclusion of the study

showed that 70% of the participants in just one session had a complete

360 degree turnaround and were freed from their trauma; the

remaining 30% had significant positive changes from just one

Havening session.


IO:                   Wow I think this is a beautiful story to end our interview, and let’s

repeat it’s on the 7th and 8th of March in Oosterhout Havening Training in the Netherlands.

So a two day training, you can find the information on

hypnosementor.nl/en and of course when posting this video we will

place the link so that everybody can find it. Stephen I’m really looking

forward to have this training with you, to follow these beautiful

techniques, and we will have some preparation and I’m looking forward

to seeing the ones who watched this video as well. Sign up now and

make sure you’ll be there.


ST:                 They can always feel free to contact me; I can always jump on a phone

call as well with people for 10 to 15 minutes if any individual therapists

have any questions. And look the web page you have for the training,

there’s lots of great information there, so I’d recommend anyone

watching this just go to the web page, have a read, and I think there’s

an early bird on it as well at the moment.


IO:                   Yeah only limited now.


ST:                 Yeah and you know I’m really looking forward to it; it’s going to be the

first Certified Havening Training in The Netherlands. We’ve done so

many of them in the U.K, Ireland, the U.S, even Australia, New

Zealand, and it’s about time we got to the Netherlands and share what

Havening can do.


IO:                   Okay great, looking forward to it.

This first Havening Training in The Netherlands thank you Stephen.


ST:                 Thank you for having me Ina.


Also please see https://stravershypnosis.com/certified-havening-training/

for more the training in Dublin, Ireland on 25th ans 26th April.