Hypnosis Testimonials & Havening Techniques® clients reviews

Hypnosis Testimonials & Havening Techniques clients reviews!

At Advanced Hypnotherapy Dublin & Havening Techniques Ireland it has been my privilege to help so many people to quickly & effectively overcome a range of psychological, emotional & behavioural problems to improve their health, well being & quality of life. Below are just some of the various client hypnosis testimonials who had challenges & problems with anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, fear, stress, post traumatic stress, confidence issues, weight issues and addictions.

By using my unique style of hypnotherapy methods & a groundbreaking neuro scientific approach called Havening I can consistently achieve fast, lasting and positive life changing results for my clients.

The Havening & hypnosis testimonials below are in a conversational format between myself & my clients as we recorded them live at the time they were taken.

You can also watch the hypnosis testimonials recordings by clicking on my YouTube channel link which is at the end of this blog page.

Client Hypnosis Testimonials for Stop Smoking

Stephen: So, you just finished your quit smoking session today.

Can you just tell us how many cigarettes you smoked before you came here today?

Client: I was smoking twenty cigarettes a day and more at the weekends.

Stephen: And on a scale of 10 to 0, ‘10’ being you’d really liked to smoke a cigarette and ‘0’ being not at all, where are you right now after the session?

Client: Minus 10.

Stephen: Do you think you’ll ever smoke again?

Client: Absolutely not!

Stephen: And what would you say about your overall experience of the session?

Client: I couldn’t believe how quick the time flied here in the session.

I thought you’ve been speaking to me for 5 minutes and then you told me it has been 25 minutes already.

Yes it was great, fantastic.

Stephen: Okay, well thank you very much and we’ll be in touch with you within a week or two.

Client: You’re welcome. Thank you.


Hypnosis Testimonials for anxiety & panic attacks.

The amazing & fast results here were achieved with the Havening Techniques.

Stephen: Hello Paula.

Paula: Hi.

Stephen: Yes, so you have just completed two sessions with me today.

Paula: Yes.

Stephen: Can you tell me, before you came to me for the first session, on a scale of 0 to 10, with your anxiety being very high at ‘10’ and ‘0’ being not there all, how high was your anxiety and stress levels?

Paula: Yes, I would of been up at a 10. I was very stressed and very, very anxious.

I never experienced such feelings  before, I was a complete wreck.

Extremely anxious, crying or nothing. It was terrible.

Stephen: Okay, and can you tell me what the difference was after just one session?

Paula: Oh, I got completely transformed.

I mean at home that night, I slept better. After a couple of days, I just found it amazing.

I just feel like you’ve turned my life,

All my anxieties and panic attacks are gone.

Now I’m completely confident in everything, it’s so unreal. Just amazing what you’ve done.

Stephen: On a scale of 0 to 10, where would you be now?

Paula: Oh it will definitely be zero.

Stephen: Listen, thanks very much for your review, and we will talk again in another week or two.

Paula: Thanks a million. I can’t thank you enough.

Stephen: Thank you.


Client Hypnosis Testimonials for weight loss

Stephen: So Rosie, you’ve just finished your Think  yourself Think weight loss program.

Can you just tell me what  your weight was before you did this?

Rosie: I was hitting 20 stone.

Stephen: What weight are you now sine the sessions?

Rosie: 13 stone, 12 pounds

Stephen: So, how much weight have you shifted in total?

Rosie:  Approximately 6 stone.

Stephen: Okay, great, and would you say it was easy or difficult?

Rosie: I’ll say it’s very easy; it’s like second nature to me. It was just so simple.

Stephen: And what words of advice would you give to people who are thinking of doing this program?

Rosie: Get off your backside. See Stephen and then start working on yourself.

It is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Stephen: Okay, well thanks very much, Rosie.

Rosie: Thank you.

hypnosis testimonials
Stephen helping someone to overcome anxiety & fear at his Havening Techniques Training Dublin event


Client Hypnosis Testimonials for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) 

The remarkable & rapids results were achieved by using the Havening Techniques!

Stephen: Hello Ken. So you’ve just finished two sessions for your IBS treatments.

Can you just tell us, on a scale of 10 to zero.

10 being that IBS was extremely bad, and zero being it not being there at all.

How bad was the IBS on a scale from 10 to 0 before you did your first session?

Ken: Before it was nine.

Stephen: How much Imodium were you taking every week?

Ken: At least nine to ten Imodium I was taking each week.

And what was your anxiety levels like about the IBS on a scale of 10 to zero.

Ken: At least an eight to a nine.

Stephen: So you have completed 2 session now for the treatment of  the IBS.

Can you now tell  us on the scale of ten to zero where you are now when it comes to the IBS.

Ken: Zero

Stephen: In regards to the anxiety on a scale of ten to zero where you you now?

Ken: Zero

Stephen:  And much Imodium you you now take a week?

Ken: Zero.

Stephen: So absolutely no Imodium taken since the two sessions?

Ken: Yes

Stephen: And what would you say overall, how are you feeling since you’ve done the treatment?

Ken: I’m very relaxed.

I feel in control now.

Stephen: well that’s brilliant and uh, we’ll talk again soon.

Ken: Thanks.

Stephen: Okay, thank you.


Havening & hypnosis testimonials for anxiety & post-traumatic stress.

Stephen: So, Hello Maria.

Maria: Hi.

Stephen: Before you came for your first session, you were suffering from a traumatic memory loss that was being triggered by going to a certain place?

Maria: Yes.

Stephen: On a scale of 0 to 10, ‘10’ being the anxiety was at its highest and ‘0’ being ‘not there at all’, how high was the anxiety?

Maria: It was a 10.

Stephen: Okay. So we’ve just completed two sessions.

On a scale from 10 to 0, where is the anxiety now?

Maria: Oh, I’m so happy to say it is a  0.

Stephen: Okay, excellent.

And I know after the first session I asked you to go back to that place that was causing all the anxiety.

You’ve been back there, haven’t you?

Maria: Oh yes indeed.

Stephen: And how would you rate your experience on going back there to that place was triggering the anxiety on a scale from 10 to 0?

Maria: Oh, definitely a zero.

Stephen: So you feel absolutely fine ?

Maria: Yeah, it’s unbelievable, within just two sessions, I’m actually able to go back to that place over and over again now and that feeling that I had is completely gone.

In fact, it’s actually the distance. I’ve been trying to see how the feeling could come back but it’s just gone.

It’s like a protective wall between me and that feeling.

Stephen: And  even if you try to bring the feeling back or bring back the memory, can you?

Maria:  It’s hard work to try and get it back because I just can’t get it back.

It’s amazing!

Stephen: Okay, fantastic. Thank you.

Maria: Thank you.


Havening & Hypnosis Testimonials for fear of flying

Stephen: Hi Ciara. So you just finished your flying session today.

Can you just tell us between the scale from 10 to 0, 10 being the fear was at its highest and zero being not there at all.

What was your fear of flying before the session today?

Ciara: Eight or nine. .

Stephen: Now you’ve just finished your session and this is your first session, and probably the only session you’re going to need to

Where is the fear on a scale of 0 to 10?

Ciara: Zero

Stephen: And how do you feel now about the flight that you’re going to do next week?

Ciara: I am looking forward to it and feeling relaxed about it.

Stephen: Brilliant. Well, let us know when you come back from your flying experience next week.

Ciara: Thank you.


Hypnosis Testimonials for quit smoking

Stephen: So Kenneth, you’ve just finished your quit smoking session.

Can you tell us how many cigarettes you were smoking before you did the session today and for how long?

How many years have you been smoking now?

Kenneth: I used to smoke 20 cigarettes a day and I have been smoking for the last 20 years.

Stephen: And how did you find your session today?

Kenneth: Oh, brilliant. Brilliant

When I think of a cigarette I just think of the exhaust.

Stephen: So you feel now that you can be smoke-free for the rest of your life?

Kenneth: Absolutely.

Stephen: Well done, we’ll talk to you in another week or two.

Kenneth: Thank you very much.


Hypnosis Testimonials for anxiety, panics attacks & post traumatic stress

Stephen:Hello Emma.

Emma: Hi.

Stephen:  This is your first session today.

Before you came here today you had a traumatic memory that was causing panic attacks and anxiety.

On a scale of 0 to 10, with the panic attack and anxiety being at its highest at 10 and 0 being not there at all.

How high was the anxiety or the panic around that memory?

Emma: Around a nine.

Stephen:  This is your first session today and you’ve just finished your treatment.

Where is the anxiety or panic now on a scale from 10 to 0?

Emma: Zero

Stephen: If you even try to bring the anxiety or panic back, can you ?

Emma: No

Stephen: so it’s completely gone.

Emma: Yes

Stephen: and how does it feel?

Emma: I feel great. I feel happy. I feel positive.


Stephen:And we worked on another traumatic memory today.

It was about somebody who tried to attack you.

On a scale from 10 to 0 where are you on that now?

Emma: A zero

Stephen: And overall how are you feeling generally?

Emma: Grand. Good. Happy.


Hypnosis testimonial for stop smoking

Stephen: Hello Marian. I just wanted to ask you before you did your quit smoking session, how many cigarettes were you smoking a day?

Marian: 20 or 30 a day.

Stephen: And how long has it been since you’ve been off the cigarettes?

Marian: I came to Stephen,yourself on the 22nd of January 2012, and it is now 1st of July, 2013.

Stephen: So you’ve been off cigarettes now for a year and a half.

And how did you find that?

Did you find it easy?

Marian:  Absolutely. I would of come to you earlier if I had known it was so easy

Stephen: Well that’s fantastic.

Marian: Okay.

Stephen: Okay, well listen, thank you, and we’ll talk again.

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