Havening the Hypnotic Gastric Band

Your mind can significantly influence your body, your emotions and even how your organs function in it. During recent years many hypnotherapists have started using hypnosis to suggest that people have had a gastric band fitted in them to help them lose weight. Remarkably, this has proved quite successful as it helps people feel satisfied on eating lesser amounts of food by suggesting to your unconscious mind that your stomach has become significantly smaller to the size of a tennis ball. This has become known as the hypnotic gastric band.

There are many benefits to the hypnotic gastric band, such as it saves you the medical risk and financial expense of having a real gastric band operation. It can help you achieve similar positive results of a real gastric band because its helps you feel satisfied eating lesser amounts of food. You can also find yourself having smaller portions of food too and this can more feel easy and natural to do.
Obviously, I can’t do a full Hypnotic Gastric Band session with you through a blog post but I can teach you a new effective mind body visualization technique that captures the essence of the process. I call it the Hypnotic Gastric Band Havening Technique, which combines elements of hypnosis and Havening a groundbreaking psycho sensory treatment. I have used this technique with many of my clients. Its has helped curb their appetite, eat slower and lesser amounts of food which has aided in their weight loss successes.

This new technique can help you to feel that your stomach has become smaller so when eating you feel satisfied with smaller amounts of food. All you simply need to do is practise it and it only takes about 5 minutes.

Do the following hypnotic gastric band Havening technique for five minutes every day for the next three weeks and intermittently afterwards to help you eat less and lose weight.

Hypnotic Gastric Band Havening Technique

hypnotic gastric bandBegin arm Havening  by crossing your arms and stroking your arms from the shoulder down to the elbow. As you continue arm Havening imagine your stomach is about the size of a melon inside your body. Your stomach is located on the left side of your upper abdomen so imagine and feel it there. Imagine your stomach inside you is becoming smaller and smaller . Affirm and chant out loud shrinking smaller, shrinking smaller, shrinking smaller, as you imagine your stomach becoming smaller .

Continue to imagine to feel your stomach is shrinking until you can see and feel that it has become about the size of a tennis ball in your imagination. You may feel like your stomach is contracting, tightening or even pulling in as you visualise it shrinking. If you feel this it demonstrates the power of the mind body connection. If you don’t feel this that’s ok too as either way you are giving yourself positive suggestions about eating lesser amounts of food and losing weight.

Then imagine giving yourself a smaller amount of food on your plate, or a smaller portion and eating it consciously and slower.Chewing and enjoying every mouthful of food and feeling fuller quicker because your stomach has become smaller. Think about how much less food you now want because your stomach is now smaller.

And finally imagine yourself at your healthy, ideal weight and notice how good you look and feel. Imagine stepping into this positive mindset and healthier body of this slimmer you. Imagine how good that feels and all the benefits it brings you. 

Once you remember how to imagine the hypnotic gastric band Havening technique its best done with your eyes closed, or ideally by a Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner who is also certified in hypnotherapy and trained in the hypnotic gastric band.

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