Lose weight by eating healthy foods that you like

The food industry try’s to influence us by stimulating our imaginations and appetite to buy their foods with various forms of slick hypnotic advertising and marketing. Some of the major junk food companies that sell processed and sugar laden unhealthy foods and drinks, invest millions every year to try to manipulate your buying behaviour and decisions with complete disregard for your health. Obviously if you succumb to their brain washing it can cause literally big problems if you are trying to lose weight.

Their expensive advertising campaigns and catchy slogans for cheaply make products brings’ them big profits, whilst it is us as their customers who suffer from weight gain and poor health. Unfortunately, these companies are arguably as worst as the tobacco industry as they do not care about you or your health, as long as they are making money. White refined sugar, processed and diet food is cheap to produce, nutritionally worthless in most cases and toxic to your health and weight. To add insult to injury some of these companies have the audacity  to suggest that their unhealthy products will help you lose weight.

When you really realise how they are trying to manipulate you with weight gaining junk food it can help to empower you by putting you back in control of what you eat. And as always you get to choose and decide what to eat.  Part of the strategy to eating healthier is choosing nutritious foods that you like and enjoy, that are whole, natural and unprocessed.One obvious method to achieving this is that when you go shopping fill your basket up only with healthy foods that you enjoy whilst significantly reducing processed, sugar laden foods purchases.

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How to help prevent sugar cravings & lose weight

Most of us are aware white refined sugar isn’t good for us. In fact recent research and studies are showing us that sugar is the cause of many major diseases and highly detrimental to our health. Significantly reducing your sugar intake is becoming a high priority for people who want to look after and maintain their health. Thankfully there are many methods that can help you reduce sugar or any cravings for it.

Firstly a teaspoon or two of cinnamon a day has been show to quickly stabilise your blood and gets rid of sugar craving. Breakfast is great time to take cinnamon as it sets you up for the day. Just put a teaspoon into your cereal like porridge or in a glass of water. Cinnamon is also a powerful antioxidant and is good for you.

Using the Havening Techniques ( a breakthrough psycho-sensory approach) is a great natural psychological method too, as it instantly releases good feeling chemicals such as serotonin into your body which really helps clear away old cravings and stress. Havening Techniques are also excellent for resolving emotional eating patterns.

Here at Advanced Hypnotherapy Dublin we specialise in helping our clients to lose weight & to maintain their ideal healthy weight. We use a range of leading psychological techniques such as hypnotherapy, Havening Techniques and NLP to address food cravings, emotional eating, healthy eating and achieving realistic positive weight loss goals. Most of our clients find they can lose weight quite easily and are able to achieve more health, happiness and wellbeing in their lives. See our lose weight hypnotherapy page for more information and our clients testimonials  https://stravershypnosis.com/services/think-yourself-thin/

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