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Panic Attack Hypnotherapy & Havening treatment

At Advanced Hypnotherapy we quickly and successfully treat clients with panic attacks and anxiety disorders on a daily basis. It’s an area we specialise in and we are very proud of the fast, lasting positive results we achieve for our clients. Our panic attack hypnotherapy sessions can free you from this anxiety problem quickly and effectively.

The good news is that within a few short sessions of using hypnosis and the Havening Techniques ( a new groundbreaking therapy for anxiety) most of our clients panic attacks completely and permanently disappear. See our previous client’s panic attack hypnotherapy video testimonials and success stories here on the following page link


What are panic attacks?

Panic Attacks are characterised by sudden feelings of dread and terror with the physical symptoms of a pounding heart, light headedness, faintness or dizziness. During a panic attack, people can also feel flushed or cold with tingling sensations or numbness in their hands. Shortness of breath, chest pain and feeling they are going to die can also be experienced. Surreal feelings of a sense of unreality, impending doom or fear and thoughts of losing one’s mind or sanity can also occur.

People who suffer with panic attacks especially after a recent episode are often on guard and hyper vigilant as they try to prevent another one from happening, which ironically often compounds the panic symptoms.  Panic attacks can appear to occur randomly. Individuals often end up avoiding situations where they fear one could happen. This in and of itself can cause much unnecessary distress and worry.

People who suffer with panic attacks often feel most comfortable and safe when they are at home. The problem with this is that some individuals can end up becoming house bound in severe cases, or find it very difficult to go anywhere by themselves, unless a close friend or family member is with them. Like phobias, panic attacks can cause irrational and unwarranted fears about going places and doing certain things, because the person is worried that a panic attack episode could occur.

Panic Attack Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis

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