The breakthrough for post traumatic stress disorder

What is post traumatic stress disorder?

Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can occur after an intensely distressful event. In contrast to a phobia the uncomfortable symptoms can be delayed and not situational or object bound, even though these too can trigger them. The symptoms are also more complex and varied, and include:

  • Experiencing the trauma when thinking about it.
  • Feeling emotionally numb and void.
  • Outbursts of Anger & Rage
  • Avoidance behaviour.
  • Hyper vigilance
  • Nightmares, flashbacks & intrusive thoughts
  • Reenacting the trauma in some ways.

One of the first steps to effectively treating post traumatic stress disorder, as with many anxiety disorders is to identify the past unresolved traumatic event(s) that caused it. One of the main requirements that causes trauma is the perception that you are trapped, or can’t escape from a stressful event or situation, known as inescapable stress. In other words, you reach an intense state of emotional distress, whilst simultaneously feeling trapped.

Part of my role as a therapist is to pinpoint the past events for my clients that are causing the post-traumatic stress disorder. When I have done that, I then apply a new breakthrough therapy called Havening to quickly and effectively treat it.

The big scientific breakthrough in treating post traumatic stress 

Havening is a ground breaking neuroscientific psychosensory therapy that rapidly clears the emotional and physical distress caused by post traumatic stress disorder. Developed by the American Dr Ronald Ruden, this breakthrough trauma therapy can quickly free you from the pain of the past. Havening uses gentle relaxing touch, pleasant distraction and eye movements to change the neural pathways in which the trauma is encoded.

post-traumatic stress disorder havening

Even the most severe cases of post traumatic stress can be significantly improved or completely cured in a single session of Havening. See the following Kings College London study research findings led by Professor Neil Greenberg on the remarkable effectiveness of Havening on treating post traumatic stress disorder on this link

As well as successfully treating post traumatic stress, Havening techniques can completely and permanently remove anxiety, panic attacks, depression, chronic pain (caused by trauma) and negative stuck emotions such as anger, guilty, grief, worry etc.

At our Advanced Hypnotherapy Dublin clinics Havening Techniques have become our number one treatment for treating trauma and anxiety based disorders because of their remarkable speed, effectiveness and lasting positive results.

After we have cleared a client’s trauma, we can then powerfully integrate hypnosis and Havening to produce and reinforce positive states of confidence, relaxation, health and well being within them. Havening combined with hypnosis I believe is one of the most effective healing psychotherapeutic and personal development methods in the world today.

Our treatment program on all the above is brief and generally only takes about 3 to 5 sessions. Our clients often experience amazing results from their very first session.

Please see for more information and for previous client video testimonials.

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