Quit smoking with Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis

Are you ready to quit smoking? Can you remember your first few cigarettes?  When you were learning to inhale? The many days, weeks or even months it took to learn to do it properly. Do you remember feeling dizzy, sick or even nauseous at those times?

If like most people you probably do remember some of those nasty symptoms. The reason this happens is because your internal wisdom within your body immediately registered you were putting poisonous chemicals in it and signalled back to you to stop.

quit smoking

At that point you already knew at some level it was unhealthy, but you kept practising and learning to inhale smoke. As you continued to do this your brain began to release endorphins to counteract those poisonous chemicals.

What I would like you to realise is it’s not the cigarette that makes you feel calmer, instead it’s your body’s own internal chemical response to the poison. For many people just knowing this alone can help them quit smoking for good.

Endorphins are hormones that act like painkillers and help you feel more calm and relaxed. Your brain understood these attacks were becoming more consistent as you continued to smoke, so it decided to hold back on the endorphin release until you had another cigarette. So what people have done unknowingly is upset their body’s natural chemistry

When you quit smoking it can take a few days or so before your brain recognises that the attacks have stopped. Then it begins to release endorphins again more naturally and easily. As these positive changes occur some people can feel a bit tense or stressed, but by using hypnosis and the Havening techniques you can feel more calm, relaxed and in control. Even if you just went cold turkey, your brain would readjust as you begin to enjoy your smoke free life again.

To conclude it’s very important to get clear on your personal reasons on why you want to quit smoking  The more reasons you have the easier it will be for you to quit. A fast and effective method to do this is by a cost and benefit analysis by answering the following three simple questions.

What is smoking costing me in my life?


If I continue to smoke what could/will it cost me in my life?


What are all the positive benefits I’m am going to gain when I quit smoking?

Take a few moments now, write down all the answers and reasons that come to mind. By writing information down it gives you more inner clarity, strength and determination to make that definitive decision to be smoke free.

Some people when they talk about quitting or stopping smoking use the ill advised phrase of ‘giving up’. From a linguistic perspective it’s a poor inappropriate phrase, even though you see government agencies and other smoking cessations services use it frequently.

The problem with the phrase’ giving up’ is that it implies some sort of loss or sacrifice. It also implies that stopping smoking is a process. Most people I have met including myself who said they were ‘giving up’at one time were generally still doing the behaviour as they thought about it or said it. Have you ever witnessed a person talking about giving up whilst smoking a cigarette at the same time, or the person talking about losing weight as they eat the chocolate cake, or the person giving up the alcohol as they continue to drink..

When you don’t perceive it as a loss or sacrifice it becomes much easier, especially when you focus on everything that you are also going to gain from being smoke free.

The best way to look at stopping smoking is that you are giving up nothing except everything that smoking has and is costing you now and in the future. Begin again to imagine all the many positive benefits you are gaining in all the areas of your life that are most important to you. Then make the decision to quit and set a day and a date soon to do so.

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