Hypnosis is very effective for addressing unwanted habits and behaviours, such as smoking, over eating, nail biting and other compulsive addictive habits. At our Advanced Hypnotherapy Dublin clinics we can quickly and effectively help you make the positive changes you desire in one to three sessions in most cases.

We are the first hypnotherapy clinics in Ireland to use the breakthrough neuroscientific treatment call the Havening Techniques. Havening is wonderfully relaxing treatment and is amazingly effective for rapidly treating anxiety, panics attacks, fears, phobias and for producing positive states of confidence, resiliency and well being.

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Hypnosis Dublin

Stephen Travers, Advanced Hypnotherapy Dublin presenting the Certified Havening Techniques Training.

Who & what can hypnosis help with ?

Psychological & Emotional Problems

People who are suffering with anxiety, panic attacks, fears, phobia, depression, anger, grief and various other emotional stressful states. Hypnosis especially when its combined with the Havening Techniques can bring fast and effective, long lasting positive results.

Hypnosis can also be used with great effect to quickly improve and boost your confidence and self esteem. Check out our ‘Build Your Confidence Program’ on the following page link for more information https://stravershypnosis.com/services/build-confidence/


Unwanted habits and behaviours.

Hypnosis is traditionally associated with helping people stop smoking and weight loss because of its high success rate in these areas. At Advanced Hypnotherapy Dublin we can help people stop smoking completely in one hypnosis session, and/or achieve their ideal healthy weight with our ‘Think Yourself Thin’ special weight loss program. We can also help people to overcome addictive behaviours with alcohol and drug misuse, quickly and effectively.


Business People & Entrepreneurs

If you are a business person and/or entrepreneur hypnosis offers some of the worlds most leading edge techniques and strategies for communication, sales and marketing to boost your business and performance. Many top sales people and famous politicians are trained on how to use hypnotic language patterns and techniques to influence and persuade people.


Athletes and Sports People

If your an athlete or sports person we can help you to master your emotional states in focus, concentration and relaxation to get you into the ‘Zone’. Many world class sports people use psychologists and hypnotherapists to help them perform at their peak best, such as Ronnie O’Sullivan and Tiger Woods.


Therapists and Coaches

If you a therapist and coach we can train you in learning NLP, Havening and/or hypnosis techniques & skills to achieve faster and more effective therapeutic changes for yourself and your clients. We train and certify therapists and other health professionals such as psychologists, psychotherapists & counsellors in the Certified Havening Techniques practitioner training. See https://stravershypnosis.com/certified-havening-training/ for more information and testimonials.


Teachers and Trainers

If you are  teacher or trainer with hypnosis and NLP you can learn to become a more powerful, persuasive and effective communicator when presenting and teaching to your students or clients. Hypnosis also is a great tool in aiding focus, memory and concentration and/or overcoming exam nerves.


At our Advanced Hypnotherapy Dublin clinics here are the main services we offer and specialise in, as follows:

Quickly & effectively overcoming anxiety, panic attacks, fears, phobia, trauma, stress, depression, negative thoughts and emotions such as anger, grief, guilt etc..

Weight loss, Think Yourself Thin Program

Boosting & improving confidence, resiliency and self esteem in your career, business or sport.

Stop smoking & other addictive behaviours, such as alcohol and drug misuse.

Certified Havening Techniques Training.

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What you can also learn and achieve during your sessions

  • To feel more calm, confident and relaxed within yourself and around people.
  • Hypnosis and NLP techniques to control your emotional states and to even help others to control theirs.
  • Hypnotherapy strategies and techniques to eliminate limiting self defeating beliefs and negative emotional states.
  • The self Havening Techniques for stress control, relaxation & confidence.
  • The techniques and skills to develop rapport with anyone.
  • How to use hypnotic language to communicate with yourself and others in a more positive, empowering ways.
  • And more…

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