Stop Smoking Aversion Technique

In our stop smoking advanced hypnotherapy session we use leading psychological techniques such as the Havening Techniques and hypnosis to help you completely stop smoking in one session. In this blog article I would like to share one of these techniques with you.

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Wayne Dyer

Imagine if I sprayed a cigarette with fly spray in front of you until it was soaking wet with pesticide poison. Then let the insecticide dry right into the cigarette and tobacco.                Would you  smoke it?

Or if I got a household glass and poured in acetone (nail polish remover), arsenic found in rat poison and polonium a radioactive element used in nuclear weapons.Then lit a lighter underneath the glass to heat up this toxic chemical concoction until there were smoke fume’s coming out of the glass. If I then asked you to put your mouth over the glass and inhale the chemical toxic smoke into your lungs and body, would you?

Or if I dipped a cigarette into a glass of tar black poisonous chemicals and let them dry right into the tobacco and asked you to smoke it. How would you feel about doing that?

Like most people I know you probably answered an unequivocal ‘No’ to the above questions and not surprising so. However, the problem is if you smoke you are already breathing in all these poisons. Allow me to explain.

Tobacco plants are heavily sprayed with toxic chemical pesticides. When a cigarette is lit all those poisonous chemicals are released within the smoke.

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The unlit cigarette itself is harmless. It’s what’s in the smoke that’s the problem. The reason the smoking ban was legislated in public places is because the scientific evidence and research clearly shows what poisonous chemicals there are in cigarette smoke highlighting the serious diseases and damage that they can cause to us. Having the knowledge alone of what’s in the smoke generally is not enough to help most people quit smoking. But using the power of your imagination and hypnosis is one of secrets to stop smoking for good..

The great scientist and genius Albert Einstein said that ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’

This powerful hypnotic stop smoking technique below is designed to reprogram your perception of what a cigarette really is to associate a strong sense of revulsion to it.  Do the following technique now. All you have to do imagine, as you read it through.

Hypnotic Stop Smoking Aversion Technique

Imagine a cigarette in your hand and a household glass that you would drink water from.

Imagine squeezing the cigarette and seeing the toxic chemicals such as  black road surface tar, acetone nail polish remover, ammonia from toilet cleaner, arsenic  in rat poison, cyanide poison and radioactive gas pouring out from the cigarette into the glass like a black, brown colored heroine like liquid. Then drop the cigarette into the glass with it and watch it quickly dissolve in the poison.

Now think about smoking a cigarette, but put the glass with the black brown poison liquid in its place in your hand. Imagine pushing the glass up to your mouth with the toxic fumes coming out of it. Imagine trying to inhale it and how utterly repulsive and disgusting that would feel.

Every time you think of having a cigarette put the poisonous glass image in its place in your hand. Imagine pushing it up to your mouth as if you are going to inhale from it. Imagine how horribly disgusting this feels until you get to a point where you feel enough is enough is enough.The more repulsive this feels the better.

Keep doing this technique over and over again until all you can picture is that poisonous liquid glass image in your hand with a sense of absolute repulsion if you ever think of smoking.

How to make other peoples smoking look and feel disgusting too! 

Now remember or imagine someone you know who smokes such as a friend or family member. As you picture them remove the cigarette from their hand or mouth and put the poisonous cigarette chemical glass in its place. Make it look horrible, disgusting, silly and ridiculous.

Every time you think about having a cigarette or even see some else smoking see the poisonous cigarette liquid chemical glass image instead now. Keeping doing this in your imagination until you get to point where if you think of a cigarette the toxic glass image pops up in its place automatically.

Another effective hypnotic stop smoking method you can do is to imagine the cigarette like a miniature car exhaust releasing all the toxic fumes. I call it the Cigarette Exhaust Technique, as many of the toxic fumes of a car exhaust are already in the cigarette smoke too.

This in just one of our approaches in helping people successfully stop smoking.

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