Weight Loss Hypnotherapy & Exercise

One way to fast track you towards positive weight loss results, health and well being is by regularly doing form of physical exercise. I don’t necessarily mean going to a gym, joining aerobic classes or getting a personal trainer, but if you want to those things by all means do as they can be very beneficial for your physical and psychological well being. But by simply walking more everyday can change your body for the better.

From my experience many people think or use the excuse that they don’t  have enough time to exercise, but there is an easy and simple solution. In fact research done into how exercise effect’s weight loss and health indicates that by doing just an extra 15 minutes of walking a day can significantly boost your metabolism and weight loss results. If you think about it that’s one and a half hours a week of extra body movement by just doing an extra 15 minutes walk a day.  By increasing the number of steps you take and eating lesser amounts of food each day you can enjoy all the positive health benefits without doing anything too physically intensive.

weight loss hypnotherapy exercise

You also don’t even need to do the full 15 minute walk in one go. For example you could park your car a couple of minutes away from your office to increase your number of steps. If you drive to the shops you could park your car a bit further away or walk there. Instead of taking an escalator or lift you could opt for the stairs up and down. If you spend time at home even doing more house work is increasing your step total.  You can incrementally increase more steps into your day quite easily and effortlessly. As you do this you may find your energy levels increasing, you sleep better, your emotionally more calm, stable and balanced, your mind feels clearer, not to mention the weight loss results.

Now I would like invite you to follow along with a simple and easy visualisation exercise.

Imagine looking in the mirror and seeing you have achieved your ideal weight.What positive emotions does this evoke within you as you see your slimmer, healthier, fitter image reflecting back at you. Imagine the positive emotions you are feeling happy, joyful, proud, successful, confident, free etc. How inspired and excited do you feel?. Imagine all the benefits you are enjoying. Imagine how it will also positively affect and improve other important areas of your life such career, relationships, health, finances etc

Now imagine taking those inspired positive feelings within you as you walk more everyday. See, hear and feel yourself walking a bit more everyday. Imagine walking a little bit faster and for longer knowing that this is speeding up your metabolism and is helping you to achieve your ideal weight.  Make the images big and bright, hearing yourself breathing a bit deeper as you enjoy feeling those inspiring feelings as you walk. Make it feel like you are unstoppable, determined and committed and that nothing can get in your way of your achieving weight loss success!.

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