‘Acting as if’ with hypnosis

One my favourite strategies for success is to act and feel as if you are already were you desire to be, or you have already become that person you wish to be. This can mean thinking like, talking like, dressing like, feeling like and acting like the person who has already achieved your goal.

 Acting as if hypnosis

I remember reading a story about a international professional speaker who went to a seminar before he had make it big as a speaker. He got chatting to an already world famous author and speaker who was presenting at the event on that day and asked him for advice on how he could become a International speaker.The famous author thought for a second and replied  ‘just start telling people you are already an International professional speaker’ .

The aspiring speaker had issues with this as he felt that that would be lying considering it was not a true statement or declaration to make as it had not yet happened. He then challenged the famous speaker on that very point. The famous speaker reply back was as follows :

The masses wait to see it to believe it, but

 the master believes it and then sees it. 

I am sure you heard the saying ‘seeing is believing’, but when it comes to acting as if you have already achieved your goal believing is seeing. So it’s important to start affirming and believing ahead of time that what you want to happen will. ‘Acting as if’ can then help you to behave, see opportunities and make decisions that will bring your goals and dreams closer and faster into reality.

In our Advanced Hypnotherapy Dublin clinics we use the ‘acting as if technique’ in hypnosis to help you to begin to creatively imagine acting as if you have already achieved your goal. I find this process significantly helps people to gain new insights, inspirations and ideas on how they achieved their success, so they can start acting on them to make their dream or goal a concrete reality.