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At Advanced Hypnotherapy Dublin we are very proud of the results we help our clients achieve quickly & effectively on a range of issues. Please see our clients video & written hypnotherapy testimonials, success stories & reviews below.

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Stephen Travers is a Natural Therapist with an abundance of skills. He can successfully treat smoking, slimming, drinking, addictions, phobias, confidence issues, fears and compulsions, depression, blushing, insomnia, nervous tension, anxiety and other psychosomatic symptoms.Dr. Joe Keaney D.Psych, D.H., PhD.

Before I came to Stephen I was smoking thirty cigarettes per day and had been a smoker for over thirty years. The session went absolutely brilliant. I never thought I was going to get off the cigarettes but I know now that I will never go back on them. I have no side effects or withdrawals and I am feeling wonderful.Nora Marun, Tallaght, Dublin 24

Hi Stephen, Ema Staunton here. I just wanted to let you know I have not touched a cigarette since our meeting on 7th of December, so all good 🙂 Thank you so much again! I’m off to India tomorrow and looking forward to a smoke free holiday! I hope you have a lovely christmas. All the best, Ema.Ema Staunton

Hi Stephen, I would just like to say thank you very much. Ever since hypnosis on wednesday I haven’t had a panic attack. Especially in the mornings when I wake up I’m full of life my whole family has noticed a huge difference in me. Just like to say a big thank you for all your help. I have noticed a big change in myself and I am back to my normal happy self. Many thanks for everthing.Sara – Client has been having pani attacks almost every day for two years before the sessions. (testimonial received from a text message after just only 2 sessions)

I went for the hypnotherapy because I was smoking over 50 cigarettes a day and was having problems breathing. I completely quit smoking after the one sessions and that was over two years ago now and my breathing has dramatically improved and overall much better quality of life. I have referred several of my family members to the clinic and they have had the same success too. I highly recommend doing this quit smoking session as it changed my life. As it has worked for me, it can work for anyone.Noal McNamee, Dorset Street, Dublin 1

Stephen, I really enjoyed your Think yourself Thin workshop. As a nurse manager there is always a large amount of chocolate on my ward. I’m delighted to say that since the workshop, less than 3 weeks ago I have not felt the need to eat any chocolate. Most of all I do not feel any sense of loss in foregoing these sugary snacks.I am enjoying eating lots of fruit and drinking water instead of diet sodas.” Thank you again,Roisin B. Dublin.

Hi Stephen, hope you are well, ema here, I did a quit smoking session with you last monday the 26th and thankfully I have not touched a cigarette since! I’m delighted, it was a strange week, adapting and I found myself in many situations where I would normally smoke but didn’t. The odd time I have thought I might want a cigarette but I know it’s just getting used to not doing that again. I want to remain a non smoker and forget I ever did smoke! Thank you so much Stephen, would not have been able to do this without your great work.Ema (Testimonial received by email) 2012

I went to one of Stephen Travers’ Think Yourself Thin one day workshop and I can’t believe how well it has worked. I knew as soon as I read the name of the workshop that it was what I was looking for. Dieting has never worked for me and any time I went on a diet I was miserable, anxious and inevitably put on weight since I would just obsess about food. With this programme Stephen made realise the underlying cause of my overeating and once that was addressed I was able to let go of my dependency on food, particularly sugar!, and get back to eating normally. Within a month of eating well, drinking water, exercising more and not eating unwanted sugar I lost 11 pounds! I am thrilled and, using the cd most days, I am looking forward to achieving my natural weight within the year. Thanks Stephen, you really know your stuf f! You’re honest and sincere and was so genuinely happy to hear of my success that you regained my faith in hypnosis and hypnotists. Thanks.Caitriona Jordan.

I was delighted at how easy it was to stop smoking after the one session. The techniques for the cravings really did the job. I would highly recommend him if you want to stop smoking very quickly.Barbara Wanger, Clontarf, Dublin 3

Before I came to see Stephen I was getting panic attacks every day and my life was a battleground trying to control anxious feelings. After the first session a big changed occured and I never had an attack since. I did a total of 3 sessions and now i am feeling a great sense of freedom and on top of the world. I highly recommend you go and see Stephen as the results are amazing.Rory Brady, Drogheda

I was smoking 25 to 30 cigarettes a day and had tried several methods to stop smoking unsuccessfully .After my hypnotherapy session I really felt like a non-smoker and haven’t smoked since, that was over 6 months ago now. I recommend you to all my friends.Keith Kelly, Phibsboro, Dublin

Before I did my sessions I was feeling sluggish and had no motivation. Within three weeks I shed nine pounds with the Think Thin program. It was surprisingly easy. Now I am feeling energised, excited and motivated towards achieveing my ideal shape and size and even set the date through the hypnosis we did in the sessions that I will achieve it on.Carmel Callan, Finglas, Dublin 11

Just a quick mail to say thank you so much for your advice and extremely helpful techniques. I always knew I had potential trapped inside me in relation to public speaking and presentations and you have certainly helped me in becoming a more confident and effective presenter. Your relaxation tips worked a treat today and I actually presented like a different person staying focused and speaking with clarity and confidence. I even enjoyed presenting today opposed to almost crying with nerves and frustration in the past. Again, I can’t thank you enough.” Take Care, Cathy.

On late notice I called Stephen about a flight that week I had to New York. I was feeling extremely anxious and fearful about the flight and didn’t want to get on the plane. I did my hypnosis session that eveinng before the flight. Getting on the plane the next day was just like getting on a bus and the fear had disappeared completely. I felt totally calm and at ease both going and coming back on the plane. Thank you.Ciaran Farrelly, Drogheda ( Client called us to says thanks and to give testimonial)

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to stop smoking after the first session. I am now just finishing the Think Yourself Thin program and I’m feeling brillant.I have achieved so much in the space of a month or so. The techniques and hypnosis visualizations worked great for me. I know now I will never smoke again.Austin Porter, Inchicore, Dublin 8

After going to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for my anxiety and having little to no result I decided to go and do a hypnotherapy session with Stephen. After just two sessions I haven’t had any anxiety/stress since. Every technique I was taught worked wonders. Thanks Again Stephen.Shannon Long, Dublin 4

As my health was really suffering from smoking 30 cigarettes a day I attended Stephens quit smoking hypnosis session. That was one year ago and I have been smoke free ever since. From that day I did my session I found it quite easy and to be around smokers with no desire to smoke. I feel so much better and my energy levels are way up. Thank you.Deirdre Moore, Dublin 4 ( called the clinic after one year after hypnotherapy sesson to to say thank you)

Doing the Think Yourself Thin program has completely changed my life for the better. From using the program I feel so energised and very postive within myself. I am so happy I came, I haven’t felt this good for years.Charlotte Singleton, Artane, Dublin 5

I had a problem with blushing and with one session with Stephen I learned to control the feelings I felt that caused the blushing..Stephen helped me locate and deal with the feeling..and now the blushing has stopped and im free to go about my life…..thanks Stephen.John, Eastwall, Dublin 3

At late notice I called Stephen cause I had a flight to take to see my daughter but was suffering from panic attacks and feelings of claustrophobia just thinking about it. After just the one session I felt more relaxed and completed the flight with ease. Already I am looking forward to my next holiday abroad, as I hadn’t flown in years before then.John Jenkinson, Ballyfermot.

I lost 2 stone from using the Think Yourself Thin Program .I am feeling so much more confident in myself and full of energy were before I felt tired a lot. I am feeling so much more positive about life and my future now.Patricia Galvin, Dunboyne.

Before I seen Stephen I was like a ticking timebomb full of anger, anxiety, stress and resentment about the past. After only one session I felt like a weight had been literally lifted off me. My confidence levels have soared and I feel like I can move forward with my relationships, work and life again in positive ways.Peter Ballbriggan.

I was skeptical at first but was willing to give it a try as I had been finding it difficult to lose the weight on my own. I started to lose weight after the first session and even more after the second. I think differently now about food and how I eat. I am feeling great about myself plus people have really noticed my weigh loss too. I highly recommend seeing Stephen for weight loss, as he his treatments are enjoyable and the results speak for themselves.Peter Gourlay, Castleknock.

Flight over to Slovakia was great. First time I was so relaxed. It took few minutes to get really relaxed but the whole flight I very enjoyed it and even changed the seat to sit right next to the window. I did some relaxation session the night before and I was listening to the sessions before I got on the plane and then continued with it while on the plane. I think having those sessions are really helpful and will use them anytime I start having weird feelings about something. But I used some of the technigues you gave me the night before. The Calm Anchor,Neuro-Hypnotic Repatterning and Thought Field Therapy. That helped too. So just to say many thanks for the help. Finally I feel much better after such a long time and I hope flight home and to Greece in September will be as much enjoyable as those two.Thanks again, Lenka

I found being given several different techniques meant that I was more confident when leaving Stephen. I have enjoyed two weeks of non-smoking so far and am confident that I go on to continue with my success as I have been given a number of challenges in the past few weeks which I would have expected would have made me break. Also knowing that I have Stephens guarantee and back up sessions makes me all the more confident that I will continue to abstain.Liz O Connell, Dunboyne used to smoke 20 per day

I had an unusual problem were my hands would keep shaking for no apparent reason which was embarrassing in certain social situations. After two sessions with Stephen the shaking completely stopped. Thank you, as I now have so much more confidence and can now relax around people and go out where I want.Eric Kelly, Finglas

I lost 2 and half stone from following Stephens weigh loss program with no dieting and being able to eat whatever I wanted.Mairead Mc Mahon, Phibsboro, Dublin 7

I’d been suffering with insomnia and had tried every pill and medicine to rid of it but with none of them worked. After seeing Stephen, I felt much more relaxed from our first session and the relaxation hypnosis CD has given me many a deep nights sleeps since. If you’re suffering from insomnia, see Stephen right away.John Griffin, Dun Laoghaire

I went to Stephen because I was feeling low and depressed. Stephen helped me to change the way I looked at things and the techniques he did with me worked instantly. I now feel so much more contented and happier in myself and with my life.Mary Dudley, Cabra, Dublin 7

Hypnotherapy Testimonials, Success Stories & Reviews

Hypnotherapy Testimonials, Success Stories & Reviews

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