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Hypnosis is not a therapy in and of itself. Rather, a therapy or psychological treatment happens in hypnosis, which is known as hypnotherapy. When using hypnotherapy you will feel a pleasant state of calm relaxation and concentration induced by positive suggestions. Hypnosis is a pleasant natural trance state or feeling, just like daydreaming, deep relaxation or meditation..

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Clinical research, trials and studies show that hypnotherapy is very successful for treating all types of psychological, emotional and even some physical symptoms and problems too such as chronic pain. Through guiding you into a relaxing hypnotic trance like state, the hypnotherapist can then utilise the body’s and minds natural self-healing resources with positive visualisations and a whole ranges of other psychological therapeutic strategies or techniques.


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When you are in hypnosis or having a hypnotherapy session, you are conscious and aware of your environment, but in a pleasant, suggestible relaxed state for making positive changes in your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

The hypnotherapist will generally speak in a soothing and relaxing voice, helping you visualise and to go into a relaxing pleasant state of mind and body. When doing hypnotherapy treatments, your conscious and unconscious mind is influenced for positive results . You will still be aware of your environment and what is happening, but you are much more open to positive ideas or suggestions for the desired outcomes you want.

Independent research consistently shows that hypnotherapy is one of the most effective treatments for unwanted habits and behaviours, such as stopping smoking, weight loss, nail biting, alcohol abuse and many other compulsions or addictions.

Hypnotherapy is also one of the best treatments for resolving emotional or psychosomatic issues like anxiety, panic attacks, stress control ,anger management, fears, phobias, depression, confidence building, public speaking, blushing etc. Positive results can often be achieved from the very first session.


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Here at Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Dublin we use a range of leading edge psychological techniques and strategies including hypnosis,the Havening Techniques,and NLP with the aim of achieving fast, lasting, positive results for our clients.You can check out many of our clients video & written testimonials & success stories by viewing our testimonials page.

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