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Anxiety Hypnotherapy Program for Panic Attacks, Stress, Phobias, Depression & Trauma

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     Anxiety Hypnotherapy & Havening for Panic Attacks, Stress, Fears, Phobias, Trauma & Depression are now available online in one to one sessions

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Issues that we specialize in quickly & effectively resolving for you with the Anxiety Hypnotherapy & Havening sessions:

anxiety hypnotherapy, panic attacks, stress

Client Reviews 

I had very high anxiety and very bad panic attacks three to four a day, and on medication for a long time and after three sessions I am a changed woman.

Thank you for getting my life back 

Natasha Herbert

I am a 54 man suffering from panic attacks and anxiety all my life, went to doctors, and other people looking for help, but nothing worked.

I seen Stephen advertisement so with nothing to lose I rang and made an appointment and after four zoom sessions with him all the panic attacks and anxiety are gone!

It’s an unbelievable feeling after all the years of torture, I would highly recommend him and thanks again Stephen.

Niall Farrell

Sent my husband to see Stephen. Had a lot of trauma in his life.

I can see a big difference in him, he’s like a new person.

I saw him myself previously and found it brilliant.

Would highly recommend Stephen.

Olive Flynn

I went to Stephen in 2016 for panic attacks and anxiety after the brilliant result

I went back to him last month for the Think Yourself Thin program and can already see big changes.

I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.

Jonathan Bizet

I went to see Stephen for anxiety and panic attacks due to phobia.

He introduced me into the Havening Techniques and saw a big difference from the second session onwards.

I can now say he has transformed my life for the better as I am anxiety and panic attack free.

He has helped me so much I cannot recommend him enough.

Raquel Carrasco

Professional, friendly and highly effective!

Stephen’s techniques have really transformed my life and helped build a path to a better me in just a few short sessions.

Donal Sheehan

Went to Stephen a number of years ago for hypnosis and decided to go back more recently and try the Havening Technique.

I cannot put in words how powerful this technique is

It was like years of what would be painful slow therapy dealt with in one visit.

Liz O’Connell

Stephen is excellent at what he does.

Went to him about anxiety and binge eating. He got to the root of the problem.

Highly recommend!

Mark Gaffney

I went to Stephen on three occasions for Havening.

The difference it has made to my life is amazing!

Stephen has a wealth of knowledge and experience at what he does.

Elaine Frew

I am amazed by the results…my fear of the dentist is completely gone, after just minutes!

I heard about an information evening with Stephen Travers and I volunteered to do a demo at the session.

Stephen expertly guided me to identify the cause and used Havening during the demo to release me from this severe life-long fear.

Thanks Stephen 

By using leading edge psychological techniques in our Anxiety Hypnotherapy program such as the Havening Techniques Stephen can help you eliminate anxiety, panic attacks, traumas, fears and phobias generally within one to three sessions completely and permanently.

Stephen at one time is his own life personally suffered with anxiety, panic attacks. claustrophobia and a fear of flying phobia which lead him to relentlessly research, study and find the most effective neuro scientific psychological techniques and methods in the world today to successfully and quickly treat these problems.

In your sessions Stephen will help you become free from the emotional and physical symptoms of stress, anxiety, worry, fear, trauma or panic etc. And replace them with more positive feelings of confidence, relaxation and well being through hypnotherapy and the new breakthrough neuro scientific treatment called the Havening Techniques.

anxiety hypnotherapy

Also any addictions or compulsions caused by anxiety and stress can be treated quickly and easily too. Once the underlying anxiety issues are resolved it then becomes much easier to address dysfunctional or addictive behaviours.

You will learn also how to feel more positive, productive and energized to break through any limitations that may be holding you back from achieving your goals and living a more happier, fulfilling life.

Stephen will show how to master your mind and  emotions so you can live with a greater sense of confidence, calmness and freedom so you can get on with enjoying your life.

Anxiety Hypnotherapy

Stephen presents Anxiety Hypnotherapy & Havening Techniques to a full house at the Mind, Body, Spirit Show in the RDS, Dublin, and does a live demonstration to show its remarkable effectiveness.

All clients receive a relaxing hypnotherapy CD designed for their individual needs, which has the latest psychological techniques and technology on it to reinforce the positive changes you desire.

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Anxiety Hypnotherapy  – See what people are saying...

Before I seen Stephen I was like a ticking timebomb full of anger, anxiety, stress and resentment about the past.

After only one session I felt like a weight had been literally lifted off me.

My confidence levels have soared and I feel like I can move forward with my relationships, work and life again in positive ways

Peter – Balbriggan

After going to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for my anxiety and having little to no result I decided to go and do a hypnotherapy session with Stephen.

After just two sessions I haven’t had any anxiety/stress since. Every technique I was taught worked wonders.

Thanks Again Stephen

Shannon Long, Dublin 4

At late notice I called Stephen cause I had a flight to take to see my daughter but was suffering from panic attacks and feelings of claustrophobia just thinking about it.

After just the one session I felt more relaxed and completed the flight with ease.

Already I am looking forward to my next holiday abroad, as I hadn’t flown in years before then.

John Jenkinson, Ballyfermot

Before I came to see Stephen i was getting panic attacks every day and my life was a battleground trying to control anxious feelings.

After the first session a big changed occurred and I never had an attack since.

I did a total of 3 sessions and now i am feeling a great sense of freedom and on top of the world. I highly recommend you go and see Stephen as the results are amazing.

Rory Brady, Drogheda

Anxiety Hypnotherapy

Stephen Travers Clinical Hypnotherapist & Dr. Steven Ruden both presenting at the UK Havening Annual Conference on how to treat anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, traumatic memories and build confidence and resiliency.

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