Can hypnotherapy phobia treatment successfully remove your fears?

At Advanced Hypnotherapy Phobia Dublin we can completely remove most phobias and irrational fears in one to three sessions. We use fast, relaxing and effective groundbreaking psychological methods such as hypnosis and the Havening Techniques to achieve the best possible results for you as our client. See and check out our clients video testimonials and success stories

What is a Phobia?

Phobias are when you think about a situation, experience or an object that cause an intense irrational fear. Phobias are caused when a person is in an extreme state of anxiety, fear or stress. These emotions then become associated to the object or situation. Phobias are a type of traumatisation. When you come in for your session we can usually quickly define what triggers your phobia and the root event that caused it. Even if you don’t know what caused it, it can still be quickly and successfully treated.

Even though people with phobias all have a similar fearful response, there are literally hundreds of things people can become phobic about.  The most common ones include public speaking, closed places, open spaces, spiders, creepy- crawlies, flying, needles, heights and the list goes on. So if you are suffering from a phobia you are not alone, as many people at least have one, or have had one before.

The distressful anxious reaction is triggered by anything that consciously or unconsciously reminds you of the phobia. For example if you had a dog phobia you may have the same stressed reaction to puppies or anything that reminds you of a dog. If the phobia was triggered from feeling extremely claustrophobic in an air plane, then possibly an elevator, travelling in a car or a bus may trigger off a distressful reaction.

The environmental stimulus and cues that are triggering off your phobic response may seem unrelated to what caused it. For example, someone with an elevator phobia may have had an earlier experience were they nearly drowned.  In this case the enclosed in an elevator is triggering off the claustrophobic symptoms caused by the drowning incident.

At Advanced Hypnotherapy Phobia Dublin clinics we aim to quickly identify what is causing your phobia and then quickly and easily remove it for you for good! The end result is you that you feel calm, relaxed and confident within yourself, with the freedom to enjoy and live your life to the fullest.

Hypnotherapy Phobia

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