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Anxiety, stress and depression can all affect your ability to get a good night’s restful sleep and trigger insomnia. The stress hormone cortisol diminishes serotonin levels, a neurotransmitter which is needed to induce sleep. Hypnosis & the new breakthrough neuro scientific Havening Techniques can quickly increase your serotonin levels which can be really effective in helping you sleep.

I have found from successfully treating insomnia issues that its best to look at some obvious things first that are easy to remedy and that can provide you with a simple and fast solution in helping you sleep. So let’s do a checklist on the following before you even decide to do an insomnia sleep hypnotherapy session.

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  1. Caffeine Intake: Caffeine is a stimulant that can perk us up and keep us awake. Coffee and tea are the two main hot caffeine drinks most people drink. However, it’s not as well known that most energy drinks such as Red Bull and soft drinks such as colas, diet colas and that many other carbonated drinks contain caffeine too.

What is also lesser well known is that it can take up to 7 to 8 hours for caffeine to leave your bloodstream. Many clients I have worked with regarding sleeping issues were drinking too much coffee or tea through the afternoon, evening and even nighttime. I often found that once they stopped drinking caffeine drinks mainly tea and coffee from ideally 2 pm onward’s they would start finding it easier to go asleep more easily and restfully.

So aim to drink no more than two caffeine drinks a day and do so before 2 pm. Observe how this assists you in getting a good night sleep. If caffeine was the problem you should start drifting off asleep more easily almost immediately.

  1. Your sleep environment: Making sure your sleeping environment is pleasant and comfortable is also a key to sleeping well. This means making sure the room is not too warm and having a comfortable mattress that you can relax on as you lie on it, are essentials things that can be overlooked.

So do a check that you are pleasantly warm in your bed and that your mattress, pillow and room are comfortable to be in. If not lower down the heating and invest in a good comfortable mattress and pillow.

Also if you sleep with your partner make sure the bed is big enough and that you both have adequate room in it. If not invest in a king size bed, or one that gives you the space that makes you feel most comfortable.

Light and darkness affect our brain and body chemistry. Light tends to release chemicals such as cortisol that wakes you up, whilst darkness help to release melatonin that puts you asleep.

So make sure your room is dark by having thick curtains or even use an eye mask. Also don’t have any artificial digital lights from clocks or watches in the room in your view. These simple easy to do solutions can help you beat insomnia and achieve a good night’s sleep.

  1. Your Psychological Environment : What can also affect people’s ability to get a good night sleep is the negative thoughts they are thinking about at night before they to go asleep. I often hear clients say that their ‘mind is racing’ and that they are worrying about things.

The human nervous system finds it difficult to tell the difference between what’s real and what you clearly imagine. So if you are running through negative thoughts of certain situations or people from that day or even from weeks, months or even years ago, this can be releasing stressful chemicals into your body which can be a main cause of insomnia.

I remember treating a client who had this problem especially after she had a tough day at work.  She would come home and as she lay in bed fret, worry and play over what had happened that day. One person in particular was giving her a hard time in the office and she would remember these incident’s over and over again. Within one session using hypnosis & Havening we removed the stress around these thoughts and almost immediately my clients sleep significantly improved. Anxiety, worry and stress can cause and compound insomnia and sleep problems. Please see on how we can quickly help you overcome anxiety and stress to achieve good nights sleep.

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