Confidence Hypnotherapy

Confidence Hypnotherapy

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Our Confidence Hypnotherapy sessions can quickly and effectively remove the anxiety, stress, fears, and other blocks that are holding you back from fulfilling your potential in any area of your life. The aim of these sessions is to help you feel more self confidence and self belief to go for, or achieve anything you want in your life.

Areas of Confidence that we specialise in helping you in are:

  • Confidence in Social Situations
  • Public Speaking & Presentation Skills
  • Business Success ( Sales, Communications & Marketing Skills)
  • Dating, Relationships & Sex
  • Dealing with Bullying
  • Overcoming Adversity in any situation

Your self confidence is largely based on your self-image. Your self-image is the way you see or perceive yourself in your imagination. So, depending on whether you have a positive or negative self image this can significantly affect how you feel about yourself, your behaviours and the results you are get in your life. People can be unaware of what their self-image really is and how it affects their lives because it is stored at an unconscious level.

By using various leading edge psychological techniques and hypnotherapy we can quickly eliminate negative thoughts, emotions and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living a happier, fulfilling life. This sessions also help you to get clear about what you really want to give you the motivation and inspiration to take positive action steps to make it happen.,

In our Confidence Hypnotherapy program we also use a new  groundbreaking neuro scientific therapy called the Havening Techniques with you to quickly and effectively remove and clear the emotional and physical symptoms of anxiety, stress, panic attacks, fear phobias, trauma and distressful memories. Stephen is also an International Havening Techniques Techniques Trainer and combines hypnosis with this breakthrough approach for rapid positive long lasting results.

Ultimately the confidence hypnotherapy program will quickly and effectively help you change how think and feel about yourself and life. As a result your confidence grows and expands so you can reach your full potential to create the life you want, be it in areas like relationships, career, finances, health etc…

Confidence hypnotherapy & hypnosis

Stephen Travers training other therapists in how to use hypnosis and the Havening Techniques to release negative emotions and improve confidence.

Through the use of advanced psychological techniques and hypnosis you can feel more confident, relaxed and self assured within yourself. So…

  • Would you like more self-belief and confidence to go for what you really want in any area of your life ?
  • Would you like to feel more confident in your business dealings, social situations and relationships ?
  • Would you simply like to feel more comfortable and confident within yourself ?

Then these sessions have been especially designed with you in mind!

As with all my programmes you will receive a confidence hypnosis cd and information techniques pack to ensure your continuing success. See our clients video testimonials and success stories at

Call Now 01 484 7834 or 086 178 6809 for a Complimentary Phone Consultation
or email: [email protected]

See what people are saying about our confidence hypnotherapy sessions…

I went to Stephen because I was feeling low and depressed. Stephen helped me to change the way I looked at things and the techniques he did with me worked instantly. I now feel so much more contented and happier in myself and with my life.
Mary Dudley, Cabra, Dublin 7

Just a quick mail to say thank you so much for your advice and extremely helpful techniques. I always knew I had potential trapped inside me in relation to public speaking and presentations and you have certainly helped me in becoming a more confident and effective presenter. Your relaxation tips worked a treat today and I actually presented like a different person staying focused and speaking with clarity and confidence. I even enjoyed presenting today opposed to almost crying with nerves and frustration in the past. Again, I can’t thank you enough.
Take Care
Cathy – (Testimonial received and taken from email)

I had an unusual problem were my hands would keep shaking for no apparent reason which was embarrassing in certain social situations. After two sessions with Stephen the shaking completely stopped. Thank you, as I now have so much more confidence and can now relax around people and go out where I want.
Eric Kelly, Finglas


Confidence hypnotherapy hypnosis dublin

Confidence hypnotherapy & hypnosis