Hypnotherapy confidence in public speaking

I would like to share with you some details about my hypnotherapy confidence for public speaking and presentations program in this blog post. Because so many people have challenges with it and as it’s such a valuable life skill to have to help you develop personally and professionally.

Any form of public speaking such as work presentations to reading something out in public can produce varies degrees of fear, anxiety and panic within people.  There are several reasons why this can be. From negative experiences of speaking at school, to experiencing others being criticized, berated and embarrassed can all create negative associations about speaking in public.

hypnotherapy confidence

Let’s examine how we can take the fear out if it beginning with my own experience.

When I was in mid twenties I did an intensive seven day Public Speaking Training Course to improve my communication, platform and presentations skills. Months before we were asked to prepare a 30 minute presentation so we could practice and perfect it at the actual training.

At the time I was working as a Sales Trainer with a company and had presented many times already in public before. So I had some experience of speaking in front of groups. I decided for this training I would talk about the power of the mind and how you can use it to achieve success in your life.

I had been reading many self development books back then and felt I knew a lot about the topic and reasoned to myself I didn’t need to prepare a full 30 minutes of content. I naively thought I already knew it. In hindsight, I would have been much better presenting about how to be a good salesperson as I had presented on that subject numerous times before.

During the training all the attendees had to stand up in front of small groups of four to five people to present on their chosen topic. From day one as I presented I found I was really struggling as I didn’t have enough prepared content to talk for even 10 minutes, never mind thirty minutes. I continued to struggle for the next 7 days as I didn’t have the time at this point to gather enough solid content and information on my topic to talk for half an hour.

This experience alone thought me a very valuable lesson when it comes to any public speaking or any presentation which is:

No matter how confident you are about giving a presentation, prepare your content and practice your presentation beforehand.

Or as leadership expert Robin Sharma says about presentations, ‘if you are not over-prepared you are under-prepared’

Ironically by the end o the seven day training I was starting to feel a bit phobic about presenting as giving my presentations everyday had proved quite stressful and embarrassing for me.

I felt deflated by the end of the training as I had invested over a few thousand euro into it and was feeling worse about public speaking than before I had even started. I was relieved when the training finally ended. The irony of the situation did not escape me.

To help get rid of this phobic response within myself I used a psychological technique called the Fast Phobia Cure. This technique is designed to scramble up negative memories in your mind  and to clear away the anxiety or distress associated to them. With this technique and the Havening Techniques it can work even faster and be more effective. I sometimes use both these techniques in my hypnotherapy confidence program with my clients. And the good news for me is that I now enjoy regularly doing public presentations and trainings each year with more confidence and ease than ever before. And I can quickly help you too achieve great results  because of my own experiences and expertise with my hypnotherapy confidence program.

In our hypnotherapy confidence public speaking and presentations program I use various leading edge psychological techniques such as hypnotherapy, NLP & the Havening Techniques to help you quickly dissolve anxiety, stress and fear so you can speak in public with more confidence, ease and self belief.  See https://stravershypnosis.com/services/build-confidence/ for more information and about how we can help you.

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