Totem Havening

Totem Havening

Totem Havening is a technique that can help you develop, strengthen and magnify positive character traits, attributes and emotional resiliency by identifying with a living object, animal, creature or even with a physical aspect of nature.

totem havening

The unconscious mind relates well to symbols and metaphors which makes this an easy and highly effective technique to do.  It was developed by my good colleague and friend Dr. Steven Ruden the director of Education for the Worldwide Havening Organization.

For example, in my mid twenties I hit an all time low point in my life with my career and relationships. I had to make some big decisions to change myself and my life. It was a period of major transformation for me. My life felt like it was in ruins as my career, relationships, health, finances and my emotional and psychological well being were all suffering.

I started to identify with and think of myself like the mythical phoenix in that I was rising up from the ashes of my life to transform in new and powerful ways.  The phoenix for me represented transformation, renewal, strength and overcoming adversity to fulfill my potential. The idea and image of the ancient mythical phoenix rising from the flames inspired this transformation from within me.

As my life began to significantly improve I then choose the Chinese Dragon as my totem or symbol as it is the year I was born in Chinese Astrology.  The main positive character traits of the Dragon are self belief, ambition, courage, having good fortune and achieving success. So I began to focus on developing those things within me which had further significant positive effects on my personal identity, beliefs, emotions, actions and behaviours.

Totems and symbols can be powerful tools for positively influencing you’re self image, perceptions, decisions, emotions and behaviours. When used effectively they can be catalysts for great personal growth, development and change.

If you were to choose an empowering symbol or totem to identity with, what would that be?

To help give you some ideas, you could choose an animal or mythical creature that you simply like or identify with. It could be your western or Chinese astrological star sign as in my case. It could be a crest or symbol of a sport team or maybe a part of nature such as a tree, the wind or even a blade of grass. When choosing a totem think about what it represents and how you would like to develop those empowering qualities within you.

With the Totem Havening Technique a Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner would use Havening with you whilst asking you to imagine your totem in your minds eyes. You would then imagine becoming that totem and absorbing the positive, empowering attributes and traits of it. You could them imagine how being like this will change your life.

Havening is groundbreaking neuro scientific based  psycho sensory approach in helping people quickly and effectively overcome anxiety based issues and for producing emotional resilience and wellbeing and has many unique and creative applications. Havening often produces extraordinary results for those who experience it for anxiety based issues and trauma.

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