How to take control of your imagination

The Power of Association with your imagination

When you associate to a memory or an imaginary future event in your imagination it means being in the picture or movie as if you are experiencing and seeing things through your own eyes, hearing the sounds and feeling the emotions in your body, as if you are actually there.

This is not necessarily a good or a bad thing. That depends upon what you are imagining. I would like to invite you to do a simple thought imagination experiment so you can experience what I mean.


For example, remember a time when you felt really happy, good or successful. It could be a lovely memory with your partner, a time you achieved something wonderful or just relaxing on a lovely holiday you had.

Step right into the positive scene in your imagination making the pictures life size seeing what you saw with the colours vivid and bright. Remember the sounds too making them clear and crisp. Sense where you feel the good feelings in your body and intensify them as best you can as visualise being back there right now.  This is called association which feels pretty good if it’s a pleasant memory and can have an immediate positive effect on how you are feeling in the present moment.

The Power of Disassociation with your imagination

Now let’s take an unpleasant memory to disassociate from, don’t take anything too heavy something mildly unpleasant or a slight worry you have about the future. Maybe its someone who irritates you, or an event you would rather forget about. Now when you think of it notice are you associated to it, as in seeing it through your own eyes and hearing the sounds and sensing any discomfort in your body as it was happening again.

Next make this image or movie go black and white like an old picture and move it further off into the distance away from you until it gets smaller and smaller. Put your body in the picture, as if observing yourself in it.  If there are any sounds to the picture lower them down or completely fade them away. When you do this the negative feelings associated to the thought should also reduce or disappear.  This often happens automatically to a memory after Event Havening ( a leading edge psychological technique for anxiety based issues) is applied. There is a  perception and feeling of calmness and detachment from the memory because it seems more distance, faded and further away in your imagination.

At Advanced Hypnotherapy Dublin we can teach you how to quickly and comfortably disassociate from any negative thoughts and worries you may have and then to fully associate to positive good ones. In this process you learn how to take more control of thoughts, imagination and emotions to feel happier confident and more empowered in your life.

We use a variety of leading edge psychological methods to help you achieve this such as NLP, hypnotherapy and the groundbreaking neuro scientific Havening Techniques.

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