The Havening Techniques

The breakthrough Havening Techniques®

For decades now pharmaceutical companies have spent billions on developing drugs that influence our brain chemistry to try and help us feel better. These drugs seem to get very mixed results depending on who is taking them and what for. They often temporarily mask the causes of the issues without a permanent cure especially for anxiety based disorders such as panic attacks, phobias, post-traumatic stress and depression.

At worse some people become addicted and dependent on them with many negative side effects. If they ever do come off these drugs they are still often left with the same problems and symptoms that they originally began with.

However, the great news is that there a been a major neuro scientific breakthrough in quickly and successfully treating anxiety based problems called the Havening Techniques

the havening techniques

Havening Techniques Research

The Havening Techniques were developed by an American medical doctor called Ronald Ruden and his brother Dr Steven Ruden. The techniques were developed from research Doctor Ruden did into other psycho-sensory (touch) therapies such as Thought Field Therapy and Emotional Freedom Therapy. These psycho-sensory techniques were proving  effective for relieving both emotional and physical problems by tapping acupuncture points on certain parts of the body and using psychological distraction.

Doctor Rudens’ aim was to uncover from a neuro-scientific biological perspective why these treatments were getting results. His research led him to discovering and creating this new breakthrough form of  psycho-sensory techniques called Delta Wave Techniques now more commonly known as The Havening Techniques.

One of the main reasons why Havening techniques are so extraordinary is because they can completely and permanently take away the emotional and physical traumatic distress from past events often with minutes! The Havening techniques also produce pleasant feelings of safety, freedom and comfort after the traumatic related symptoms have been removed, which make them a very user friendly treatment and experience for the client.

At our Advanced Hypnotherpy clinic in Dublin we use Havening with great success in removing anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, post-traumatic stress, depression and pathological emotions such as anger, shame, worry and guilt etc.

In fact I am an International Havening Techniques practitioner and trainer and regularly do talks and training’s in this groundbreaking approach. I have completed thousands of Havening treatments. From the amazing fast healing results I consistently witness with my clients I can’t highly recommend this treatment enough for anxiety, trauma and stress related problems.