Transpirational Havening

When treating clients I often use a technique called Transpirational Havening developed by the American medical Dr. Ronald A. Ruden. It’s an extraordinary method because it can rapidly and effectively remove any other old negative emotional debris or residue that may be negatively impacting you from years of trauma often within minutes. You can use Transpirational Havening on any negative emotional states such as anger, fear, jealousy, shame, embarrassment, guilt, worthlessness or any others you can think of.

transpirational havening




How does Transpirational Havening work ?

When you do a Transpirational Havening you would start off by thinking about a memory or event that produces at least one negative emotion or feeling. At this point Havening Touch would be applied continuously. Then you would start chanting out aloud the emotion or feeling you would like to release and say it in an ‘I am’ statement. For example ‘I am angry’ or ‘I am ashamed’ or ‘I am guilty’, or  ‘I am scared’ or ‘fearful’. However you can leave out the ‘I am’ part and just say ‘angry’,’ angry’, ‘angry’, or ‘ashamed’, ‘ashamed’, ‘ashamed’ or ‘guilty’,’ guilty’,’ guilty’. It’s important to keep saying the emotive word until you feel you have released all the emotion entirely. At that point you will feel no need to say it as the emotional charge from the word and memories associated will feel gone as it has transpired (disappeared). Also you could talk and explain what happened as the technique is applied and this can produce the same remarkable positive results.

Be aware that with Transpirational Havening you can get very emotional when doing this technique as it often brings up emotions and memories that you had consciously forgotten, but unconsciously still have issues about. As you feel the first negative emotion disappear, others may come to surface too, as they are often layered upon each other. It’s a bit like peeling an onion that has many different emotional layers.

As each emotion surfaces you keep saying it until you feel it has completely dissipated. When this happens you should be feeling sensations of calmness and peace within yourself.  Sometimes people can feel much lighter. Sometimes people can also feel a bit sad after releasing, but you can haven that too with the same process.I recommend you see a Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner ideally to perform this treatment. Transpirational Havening can be a profoundly healing & therapeutic experience releasing years of unresolved negative emotions and limiting beliefs.

I remember the first time I personally experienced Transpirational Havening in a Certified Havening Techniques Training. We broke up in groups of two to practice the process  . At the time I wasn’t expecting much to happen as I felt I had dealt with a lot of my unresolved emotional issues from years of my own experience, training and practice as a therapist. To my surprise a lot of emotions quickly surfaced to the point were tears were streaming from my eyes as tension, guilt and fear transpired. I could pinpoint some of the memories and issues that were causing these feelings. It also felt like a lot other unconscious issues were  emerging and releasing too.

Powerful and overwhelming emotions can occur during this process so generally it’s a good idea to do some  Event Havening first to clear any major traumas.  As mentioned it is best used for cleaning up any other emotional debris associated from past traumas and negative feelings that have emerged from them.

Ultimately the purpose of this technique is to deplete traumatically encoded memories of all their emotional content as part your inner healing process.

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