You don’t get what you want, you get what your values are

Human behaviour specialist Doctor John Demartini has observed from over 40 years of research  and experience that your values dictate your destiny and that everyone has a unique set of values as individual as our fingerprints.  Clearly clarifying your values can be one of the most important steps in living a more fulfilling, inspiring and happier life.

Your highest values are a reflection of what you think about most and what you focus your time, money and energy on. Your results in life and what you get to be, experience and have are determined by these highest values, as in what areas of life that are most important to you.

You may want to achieve certain goals and dreams such as becoming wealthier, healthier and various others but it can prove difficult to realise them, if they are in conflict with your individual hierarchy of values. Alternatively if you create goals aligned to your highest values you will automatically start to increase the probability of achieving them.

values Why you don’t always get what you want?

A question I often ask my clients is what do you want? Some of them want to achieve their ideal weight, quit smoking, become healthier, have more career success, confidence, financial wealth and better relationships.

The question that then begs to be asked is, ‘what is preventing you from having it, if this is what you really want?’

Some people aren’t  sure and their reasons range from how other things in their life are getting in the way, they don’t have enough time or money, or they blame their own ‘laziness’ or lack of focus or motivation as the problem, or put the problem down to  self sabotage. Often these reasons are simply feedback indicating that you are trying to achieve goals that not aligned to your real highest values.

At the start of his financial wealth psychology seminars Dr. Demartini always asks the audience who really wants to attain financial wealth, independence and freedom. Invariable all of the hands in the audience go up.  Then he asks how many people in the audience have actually achieved it. The majority of the hands go down leaving on average about only one percent of the audience with their hands still up. Demartini then illustrates how this one percent highly value creating financial wealth, assets, saving and investing money.

The areas in your life were you are most successful will be what is highest on your values. At Advanced Hypnotherapy Dublin we do Values Breakthrough sessions were we help our clients identify their true hierarchy of values through a questionnaire. This can be a life changing experience for clients which sets them free to achieve fulfilling, purposeful goals that are aligned to their highest values.

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