Deep Trance Identification for Confidence

Deep Trance Identification can improve your confidence & success

In my sessions with clients I sometimes use a technique called Deep Trance Identification to help improve someones confidence, master a skill or to strengthen positive traits and behaviours that they would like to develop.

With this technique you imagine someone who has certain characteristics, attributes or behaviours that you would like to emulate then imagine becoming them. It’s a bit like being a method actor and practising getting into character. This technique can help you enhance the successful qualities, traits and skills of that person within yourself.

For example when I started doing private one to one sessions I studied and watched some highly effective therapists and began to imagine doing my sessions as if I was them, thinking like them, acting like them, speaking like them etc. I found this very useful and a great foundation to built on to develop my own unique style, techniques and skills

This technique allows you to realise and experience whatever positive traits you perceive in others more within yourself. When you acknowledge this, your sense of self worth, value and confidence expands and grows which can help you to achieve your own dreams and goals.

deep trance identification

This can also act as a positive self fulfilling prophecy.  As you begin to act in more positive ways, people also begin to respond to you more positively too and the results you get in life begin to change for the better.  Ultimately the more you value yourself on the inside, the more the world will value you from the outside.

Remember whatever you admire in other people, you also have within you, so it’s good to choose someone whom you are already familiar with.

For instance, you may have seen them on TV many times, heard interviews or read books or biographies about them. It could also be someone who you know very well. Obviously it also helps to pick someone who you like too.

If there is someone who you would like to use for this process on who you don’t know that much about you can still go for it as you can get many new insights, benefits and results from doing so.

At Advanced Hypnotherapy Dublin we use hypnosis, NLP and Havening techniques in our ‘ Building Confidence program. I often combine Havening and the Deep Trance Identification Technique as it can produce rapid and positive changes for my clients.

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