Iffirmational Havening

My good colleague, friend and Certified Havening Techniques Trainer Tony Burgess developed a technique called Iffirmational Havening. This technique helps people break free from limiting beliefs and opens their imagination up to new possibilities, beliefs,ideas and visions about themselves and their future.

Iffirmational Havening is a powerful process to help you break free from self limiting beliefs, negative thinking and worrying also. Someone once said worrying is negative goals setting. People who worry a lot and feel anxious about the future are often asking themselves a ‘what if’ statement followed with a question that steers their mind into a negative thought, picture and feeling. This is called anticipatory stress, were they are imagining future negative outcomes and results.

This way of thinking often produces unnecessary anxiety, stress and prevents people from positively moving forward in their life.  So instead of ‘what if-ing’ ourselves about things going wrong, how about doing the opposite and ‘what if-ing’ ourselves about thing’s going right.

iffirmational havening

Iffirmational Havening is a positive psychological strategy which literally opens up your mind to new ideas, inspirations and possibilities about yourself and the future with the added benefit of producing positive states of confidence, optimism and well being.

The general underlying premise of this process is to ask yourself a ‘what if’ question that directs your mind in a positive direction . For example if you were asking yourself what if you were not good enough, you would change it to the opposite as in ‘what if I am good enough’?’ What if I am more than good enough to succeed?

Here are some of my favourite positive ‘what if’  positive questions that when combined with Havening Touch i..e Iffirmational Havening can produce positive profound changes.

  • What if I’m better than I’ve been telling myself?’
  • ‘What if I can find a way?’
  • ‘What if I can have more influence over this than it first seems?’
  • ‘What if I tap into my greatest resourcefulness?’
  • ‘What if I forgive myself and others?’
  • ‘What if I remain a uniquely magnificent human being no matter what is going on in my life?’
  • ‘What if I am surrounded by opportunities and I just need to start noticing them?’
  • ‘What if there is always a way?’
  • ‘What if I can always keep learning and adapting?’
  • ‘What if I am more than good enough?’
  • ‘What if I am deserving of the very best in life?’
  • ‘What if the universe is on my side?’
  • ‘What if I am in fact totally lovable?’
  • ‘What if I give myself permission to love myself?’
  • ‘What if I am perfect, even with any perceived imperfections?’
  • ‘What if I can?’
  • ‘What if I can take control of my own life?’
  • ‘What if, whatever happens, I am going to be fine?’
  • ‘What if I allow myself to be guided by my highest wisdom?’
  • ‘What if I already have everything I need, I just need to tap into it?’
  • ‘What if I am already whole and complete?’
  • ‘What if being myself is more than good enough’
  • ‘What if I give myself permission to celebrate who I am?’
  • ‘What if I count my blessings everyday?’
  • ‘What if I can start to notice more of the great things in life?’
  • ‘What if I allow myself to feel gratitude for all the good things in life?’

Have fun experimenting with your unique positive ‘what if’ questions also.

Remember in life we often get to experience more of what we focus on. Iffirmational Havening is a simple, fast and effective method of shifting your focus to positive possibilities, resources and beliefs about yourself and the future.

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