Thought Field Therapy

Thought Field TherapyWhen I  work with groups and clients I always like to stack the deck of cards in their favour by giving them as many aces as I can to win the game of inner healing. I remember a famous therapist once saying no one technique works all the time for everyone and if it does it probably means you are not seeing enough clients. From my own experience that is very true. So I would like to make you aware of a treatment called Thought Field Therapy.

Thought Field Therapy was created and developed by an American psychologist called Doctor Roger Callaghan. It is another form of psycho-sensory therapy, which means its uses sensory touch and psychological distraction to produce a positive therapeutic result.

Callaghan discovered from studying Chinese Medicine that the body has numerous acupuncture points on it. When these points are tapped in a certain order and sequence they can relieve and eliminate a whole range of distressful emotional issues. It can used to treat trauma, anxiety, addictive urges, phobia, depression, anger, obsessions, guilt, shame, embarrassment, physical pain and even jet leg. These tapping treatments can be applied within minutes and can often quickly improve or clear a psychological or emotional problem.

Before applying a Thought Field Therapy treatment you first think about the problematic thoughts that are causing uncomfortable feelings and emotions. You then rate how high the distressful feeling is on a scale from 10 to 0. 10 being the highest most distressful and 0 being neutral and calm. Most people with an anxiety based problem will be somewhere form 7 to 10. The practitioner or yourself would then proceed to tap specific various acupuncture points on the body and use distraction methods such as humming, counting and eye movements. This generally takes only a few minutes. You would then check on the scale of 10 to 0 and see how much of a reduction there is on the uncomfortable thoughts and feeling. Most people will experience a significant positive reduction and drop to a about a 3 on the scale. Another Thought Field therapy treatment then can then be applied which can then bring it down to a 0 and completely resolve the problem.

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