Why are the Delta Wave Havening Techniques so special?

Delta Wave Havening Techniques: a brief history of & how it works

Paul McKenna the famous hypnotherapist was having a meeting with medical Dr.Ronald Ruden going back about 15 years and was explaining to the doctor how tapping techniques, such as Thought Field Therapy (TFT) can help people with a range of stress and anxiety related problems. At that time was no clear neuro biological understanding or explanation why these techniques were proving effective. So Dr Ruden being a medical doctor and western academic decided to intensively research this whole area of anxiety, trauma, stress and human touch.

Over 10 years of research led him to discovering how exactly trauma and anxiety based disorders are produced and what specific parts of the brain they become encoded in. From these neuro scientific breakthroughs he developed the groundbreaking  Delta Wave Techniques Havening to rapidly cure these anxiety based problems.

delta wave havening techniques

His intensive research uncovered that something called AMPA receptors can stuck on neurons in a part on the brain called the  lateral amygdala. These AMPA receptors are the triggers that cause anxiety disorders & symptoms such as panic attacks, phobias, post traumatic stress, depression and even some forms of chronic pain & disease in the body.

Delta Wave Havening Techniques are a psycho sensory treatment, which means we apply pleasant psychological distraction and relaxing touch on the arms, hands and face. So when treating a client we ask them to think of the thought or memories that create the anxiety or distress which activates the AMPA receptors on the neurons in the amygdala. We then apply the Delta Wave Havening Techniques.

The gentle stoking from the touch produce an electrical brain wave called a delta wave. These calming delta brain waves happen when you feel very relaxed or are asleep. When Havening is applied to treat an anxiety based problem these electrical delta waves flow into the AMPA infected neurons and produce a chemical called calcineurin. From inside the neurons the calcineurin chemical dissolves the AMPA receptors off them. Once this happens the emotional and physical distressful symptoms of the anxiety and stress automatically and completely disappear because the AMPA receptor have now been permanently removed. These remarkable positive results happen within minutes which is quite extraordinary.

Delta Wave Havening Techniques from my extensive clinical experience are the most powerful psychological treatment in the world today for two reasons because:

Number 1: We can cure most serious anxiety based disorders within a few sessions or less, and completely clear severe traumatic memories within minutes, resulting in our clients feeling very calmed, relaxed and free from the trauma of their past. They also produce a more resilience neurochemical brain landscape which helps prevent future traumatisation from stressful and challenging situations that happen in life.

Number 2: The second is the groundbreaking neuroscience behind the techniques which allows us now to identify more clearly and quickly than ever the causes of anxiety based disorders, and to rapidly and effectively treat them without using medication or spending months or years in therapy.

So if you suffering with an anxiety based problem and want a gentle, rapid, lasting and highly effective treatment then look no further than Delta Wave Havening Techniques. See this link for our clients video Havening testimonials https://stravershypnosis.com/services/overcome-anxiety/

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