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Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Why do people smoke?

Let’s imagine some children who regularly watch TV . They view various shows, programs and films were they see famous actors and characters appearing glamorous and sophisticated whilst smoking cigarettes.  For instance they may see a macho cowboy, such as Clint Eastwood riding a horse with a cigar stuck in his mouth. Or maybe they see a beautiful lead lady or some female fatal lighting a cigarette in a seductive way.  .

And then Mum and Dad are there too, smoking in front of them or out in the garden. Or an uncle, aunt or grandparents who when visit they see them smoking too.

As the years go by they see more famous films and TV actors/characters smoking, even some cartoons characters, such as the Pink Panther smoking.  Before they know it they are teenagers and some of their friends and peers are smoking. And then one day they decide to give it a try, out of peer pressure, boredom, curiosity or just to see what all this smoking fuss is all about.

At this stage of their life they have already been significantly exposed to smoking and possibly find it socially acceptable to a greater or lesser degree, trendy or even rebellious. So before they know, as time inevitably goes by they are having one or two cigarettes regularly a day, that then leads to four to five, then to ten to twenty plus. If you smoke I am sure you can relate.

In many ways hypnotic mind-programming has already taken place since your early childhood to influence you to smoke through  positive images, messages and suggestions associated to smoking. And as children we primarily learn by imitating.

I remember as a child you could even buy white cigarette candy sticks with red colouring on one end that suggested that it was lit.  My friends and I would sit outside the shop and pretend to smoke them, just before we ate these sweet candy cigarette sticks. What type of hypnotic suggestions was that giving us? We were literally practising how to smoke and associating it with a sweet taste.

stop smoking hypnosis

In our Advanced Stop smoking hypnosis session we use mind programming techniques & hypnosis to help you feel calm, relaxed & in control as you become someone who used to smoke. We have helped hundreds of people successfully kick the habit in one session for good.

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