Why weight loss diets make you fat!

I notice at this time of the year so many fad weight loss diets being marketed & advertised promising big weight loss results in short periods of time  However independent studies and research have concluded that most diets often lead to more weight gain. In this blog I like to inform you why and offer a long term positive weight loss solution that does not involve a diet.  

With most weight loss diets methods people can up not eating enough food causing feelings of starvation & extreme hunger. Many weight loss diets forbid certain foods which cause people to crave them even more, known as the forbidden fruit syndrome. They often focus on counting calories, or some other metric which can cause people to be constantly thinking about food to the point of obsession. Ultimately, most weight loss diets restrict what and when you eat which makes them unsustainable. In fact restrictive dieting slows down metabolism putting the body into a fat storage and weight gain mode.

Weight Loss diets

With some weight loss diets people succeed for a while. But often ultimately end up going on a food binge & ditch the diet as it’s too difficult, miserable and restrictive to continue with. People then revert back to their old habits.

Inevitably more weight piles on again, until they feel so bad they end up trying another diet, only to end up repeating the same cycle all over again. I think Albert Einstein must have been thinking about dieting when he said,

‘Insanity: ‘doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Our Think Yourself Thin hypnotherapy weight loss program is designed to help people completely break free from the yo-yo dieting ‘weight loss’ & weight gain hamster wheel. In our sessions we use leading edge psychological methods such as hypnosis, NLP & Havening Techniques to help you think and act the way a naturally thin, healthy person does & to create a brighter, healthier, positive future for the rest your life.

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