Why Hypnosis & Havening are highly effective?

Here at Advanced Hypnotherapy Dublin we use the latest modern leading edge psychological methods that are based in neuroscience to help you achieve fast, lasting, positive results. One of these new groundbreaking methods is called ‘Hypno-Havening’ (hypnosis & Havening)

What is Hypno-Havening? (Hypnosis & Havening)

Hypno- Havening (hypnosis & Havening) is a unique blend of havening touch combined with hypnotic positive suggestions and visualizations techniques, which is evolving the field of clinical hypnotherapy.  It is best performed by a Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner who is also certified in hypnotherapy.

In my sessions and programs I use fast and effective ‘Hypno-Havening’ (hypnosis combined with Havening)  to improve your life. This treatment gets excellent results for anxiety based issues, such as panic attacks, phobias,trauma, stressful memories, social anxiety, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and confidence issues.

See https://stravershypnosis.com/services/overcome-anxiety/ for our previous clients video testimonials and success stories.

 So why is hypno-havening (hypnosis & Havening) so effective?

When Havening Touch is applied it produces an electrical delta wave within the brain. When this is combined with hypnotic visualization and suggestion the delta waves significantly help to more easily plant and embed positive, empowering images, ideas, feelings and suggestions deeper into your unconscious mind and body.

Your brain is like a computer and by using hypnosis combined with Havening we can quickly and powerfully reprogram your mind. The Havening Techniques are excellent for clearing out the negative past programs, whilst the Hypnotic-Havening Techniques are great for implanting positive new ones. After these types of sessions you will notice and feel many positive transformations. Your perceptions, feelings and beliefs about many things will transform.

Distressful emotions will evaporate. Bad memories will seem more blurred, distant and faded way. You will feel physically calmer, relaxed, at ease, and even lighter within yourself. Your ability to handle stress will significantly improve. You will sleep better .You’re relationship with yourself and others will improve. You will feel more positive, inspired and confident within yourself. You will develop more positive, empowering and productive mindsets, attitudes, beliefs and behaviours. Your goals and dreams will become more compelling,vivid and real. You will feel happier, inspired and motivated. You’re self image will improve. Your actions and behaviours will change.

Hypnosis Havening sessions are also a very gentle, calming and relaxing experience for the person who is receiving this breakthrough treatment.

For more information about Havening sessions please see this page on our website https://stravershypnosis.com/havening-sessions/

If you wish to do the official training in the Havening Techniques please see https://stravershypnosis.com/certified-havening-training/ for our next Certified Havening Techniques Training which is on in May 2017 in Dublin.


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